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Pleco flashcard list of foreign countries & cities

Long Pan

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I attach hereafter a list of 73 foreign coutries + cities. The list has the chinese + pinyin + english name, so it does not refer to any dictionary. One file is a txt format, this other a PDB (for Palm users). This is where I got the list from. There might be some mistakes as I found one going through it quickly; so mind !

For those interested in a bigger list, check here - but there is no pinyin this is why I used the previous list to make the txt file.


Maybe some of you have other chinese names lists for

  • other countries / cities
  • famous foreigners
  • foreign brands ...


[file deleted]

I delete this old file; see post hereafter for the updated file (edited on April 06)

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I just made this short list of 10 of the biggest Chinese companies, which I got from a French newspaper (this is why the details are in French). I believe that having a list of the 20 or 30 most popular compagnies in China is quite important. I'll try to complete this list in the coming days. Maybe some of you have suggestions ?


See after for updated file (edited on April 06)

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For company names, you can look at the China stockmarket pages on 163.com.

Here are most actively traded stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges:



名称   最近价  涨跌幅%  成交量

工商银行 5.49 -1.79 3802988

中国银行 5.55 -2.12 3433943

宝钢股份 9.90 2.27 3017457

中国联通 5.65 -0.70 2750157

中国石化 9.93 -0.40 1393302

邯郸钢铁 6.39 -3.47 1340408

紫江企业 5.68 6.57 1299345

武钢股份 9.08 2.14 1276188

民生银行 12.44 -1.35 1196660

上港集团 10.03 1.11 1195863


名称   最近价  涨跌幅%  成交量

鞍钢股份 14.57 6.66 825064

TCL 集团 4.71 -4.27 813547

京东方A 5.80 -3.81 777331

首钢股份 6.00 1.52 588316

海虹控股 12.90 7.05 576472

四环生物 5.10 2.00 486850

ST 星 源 5.92 2.25 437409

天津宏峰 6.40 7.56 419361

锌业股份 11.32 -3.91 414041

鲁能泰山 5.71 0.53 408839

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Update - quite a lot of change for the companies file (Chinese + Foreign) - when I find the time I'll add some foreign car brands inside + few corrections for the countries file (thanks Chenpv).

For interesting details about foreign brands Chinese translations, see Bokane blog post



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