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Pantene Shmantene....what is the world coming to...

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So, has anyone checked out the English on these new pantene bottles in China?

questionable pantene bottle series

(*note you'll actually need to head to your store to find the on-crack translated version since you can't see it from the photo)

At first I REALLY thought these were all FAKES the first few times I saw them...I mean surely Pantene or P&G has money to find someone who could think of a better way to translate this:


other than this: ANTI-HAIR FALL SHAMPOO

Chinese companies having crazy Chinglish on their products, I can understand...but this I can't. Unless, of course there really is a wave of bootleg shampoo circulating around China in 物美 and 华堂 stores. Sure, the spelling seems correct (usually bootleg alert one), but the language itself sounds straight outta google (bootleg alert two).

Then I searched google, and this anti-hair fall series turned up plenty of hits....I am assuming this isn't a fake product now, just a poorly worded one that likes to use the word 4 letters: FALL instead of these 4 letters: LOSS, or has avoided finding a better sounding wording in general period...(a big sigh for the English language)....

So P&G tell us how we are suppose to spot fake products in China now when the big boys are intentionally using strange English on the labels!!!

Thoughts, comments, other Chinglish examples welcomed:mrgreen:

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Given that the product is intended for the Chinese market and label read by Chinese people, "ANTI HAIR FALL SHAMPOO" seems a good choice. Why spend more money needlessly on the label? :D

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hmm...unnecessary you say...maybe....perhaps I'm just the strange one..but hair fall just sounds very wrong to me....:mrgreen: Plus it really made me think this was one of the fake products that we should hurl into the next freeing-China-of-fake-goods-bonfire hehe

Ok, well I guess I put this in the correct catagory then, because I think I need to be enlightened on different culture's international English terms...Does anyone actually say and hear hair fall in their country and not get blank stares?

( And, just to make things even, here is my contribution so people can laugh a bit at me too for my random English: You can beat me with a stick, but I'll still say pop and not soda...so there:mrgreen: )

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the big boys are intentionally using strange English on the labels!!!
If I remember correctly, "I'M LOVING IT" was made legitimate (and popular!) by one of the big boys (I think it's McDonald, the hamburgerer ? :wink: )
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I think slogans are a bit different, since they are trying to play with the language to stand out a bit more and get stuck in your head...(you can look at my link in my signature too for more examples of fun random English...)

However, I still believe packaging is a bit different.:oops:

ps McDonalds is nasty....I'M LOVING IT"....NOT!:twisted:

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Hair fall is a commonly used term when advertising shampoos and conditioners in India. Hair fall denotes the usual, nothing-to-panic-about hair which break off naturally while combing/brushing/bathing. Hair loss implies something serious, like thinning or receding hairline.

Again, this is Indian English.

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