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Guest dmrt_

Studying Martial Arts in Dalian

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Guest dmrt_

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience with martial arts in Dalian ?

Some universities offer classes of WuShu. Are there other

kinds of martial arts offered in Dalian ? Where, what (any web-links) ?

Thanks for replies !


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I am beginning to look for martial arts in Dalian as well. Any updates? I am moving to Dalian in August and would love to begin then! I tried connecting to your links, but they do not come through (maybe because I'm in the US and can't read Chinese yet). Let me know how it's going!

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Hi everyone,

I've been living in Dalian for more than four years. I study wujiquan, which is a taoist martial art. Here is an introduction, if you are interested in training, feel free to contact me:

What is wujiquan?

Wujiquan is an ancient taoist internal martial art. Its source is the book “Yijing”, in which it is said: ”Wuji gives birth to, taiji gives birth to liangyi (two principles), liangyi give birth to sixiang(four directions), sixiang give birth to wuxing(five fazes), wuxing give birth to bagua(eight trigrams)… From the view of martial arts it means: wuji-taiji-xingyi-bagua. According to the tradition this system was developed by the taoist ancestor Zhang Sanfeng. Wuji is one of the five taoist arts that were thought only in family or in monastery. It was past down in the family of master Wu Zhenshi for six generations. Master Wu’s 7th generation desciple, winner of many international and national wushu competitions, chinese wushu association 1st degree instructor and referee, master Yu Qingdi is the head teacher in our school in Dalian.

What do you study in Wujiquan?

There are empty hand forms, weapon forms(short stick, sabre, sword,…) push hands, sanda, internal excersise, pressure points techniques, women selfdefence, health exercise, etc. You can choose what you like.

Who can join?


Where do we train?

Fumin park(富民公园),10 minutes walk from the foreign students dormitory.

Contact :

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Finger Monkey Wire

Can someone tell me about a good San Sho school? I think that is the spelling I hear its a nice mixed style of combat is that true?

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Alex Whiteman

It is. . . My most recent background is muay thai but a local told me to just go for that instead as it's what's (supposedly) good here.

散手 (sanshou) or 散打 (sanda)

So, yeah, I'm looking for the same thing. . . if anyone knows. . .

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