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"Cracking the Chinese Puzzles" ?

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Someone on this forum mentioned this set of books for learning characters ("Cracking the Chinese Puzzles" by TK Ann). I was wondering if anyone could tell me what's in these books... I can't seem to locate any of them at my local libraries, but I found a place where I could buy them.

Since they're so old I can't find any information on them :( I've already learned the Yale 1,062 list in Reading and Writing Chinese by McNaughton through brute force repetition, but am looking for something that will make the process easier or more logical (thus my interest in these books). Any info would be helpful. Thanks :D

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I'm in Taipei and have one of them at my other office. If you send me a reminder at [email protected] I'll check for you when I'm there and describe what's in it and reply by email. I think I bought it for character frequency info but ended up using an online source for that. I never ended up using it and would be willing to sell it if Ur interested. It might be the 3rd or 5th book. Where are you?

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i got all 5 volumes....

umm, what can I say? It's not a bad book, but very complicated and messy organization. Volume 5 has the list of all the characters, but they are organized in a crappy way (IMHO); he does not use pinyin or radicals to organize them, but this method he thinks is really easy to learn (yeah right :roll: )

otherwise than that, since you are not a beginner, it may be of some interest to you. I wouldn't waste much money trying to buy it though...

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