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Huang Jialuo

Dorm Pictures of Tsinghua?

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Huang Jialuo


I don't know if many here are applying at Tsinghua U., but anyway if someone is, or already is, or has been there once. Can you please tell me where I can find pictures of the dorms?

If I am possibly going to stay there for 5 months, I want to know what are they like.

Thanks in advance!



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你好 Huang Jialuo,


还有可以 try http://youtube.com/results?search_type=search_videos&search_query=tsinghua&search_sort=relevance&search_category=0&search=Search&v=&page=1

Basically Flickr and Youtube can be great resources for multimedia regarding just about anywhere you want to visit.




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Huang Jialuo

hey bijian!

thanks a lot for your input!

I did try looking for pictures of the dorms in Youtube some time ago, but found nothing really compelling.

Just checked out flickr and found exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot. :clap

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Wow these pictures of Tsinghua dorm rooms look so nice! Kind of like a 3-4 star hotel.

Then why do I hear some students on this forum complain about their dorm room accommodations?

Do all tsinghua dorm rooms look like that? Or do students have to pay extra for cleaner/nicer rooms?

Can we negotaite with the university landlord which dormrooms we want to rent out, or do we have to accept the room they assign us? It's China, so everything is negotiable i presume. :wink:

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In Tsinghua dorms you will encounter a lot of problems in the facilities... mold on the ceiling, mold on the wall (I know someone who was sick for weeks because of that, while a mold was spreading behind his closet), noisy neighbors because of narrow walls, leaking here and there, people steal your clothes from the drying room, hot water for a limited time and etc, might be the reason for those complains. But the biggest problems as I see it is the size. the room is very small, and after one semester I recommend to move out (while I think that staying on campus is the best for your studying).

I guess it is quite the same in other universities, isn't it?

Can we negotaite with the university landlord which dormrooms we want to rent out

It's not a landlord, it's a university, so the answer is no...

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Palas Atenea

Hi there,

Dorms at Tsinghua are individuals, AB and shared. I can tell u about individual and AB rooms. Mine is individual, I may send you some pictures if you give me an e mail (maybe tomorrow if I make up my room a little bit).

The ceiling is high, a lot of light, not cold (now the weather is nice so maybe I don´t think so in a month) but we have heat and air conditioning. The have enough furniture, a desktop with some shelfs and a closet with some shelfs inside too.

A very small "kitchen" with a sink and 2 small shelfs. No microwave or fridge.

Mattress is thin and the bed is hard, you have to buy for one if it is too hard for you. I am starting to get used but that is how they sleep I guess.

Bathroom is inside the individual room, very small with a shower, a wc and the washbasin. No bathtube, water falls to the floor ...

They may have painted a little bit but in general terms are clean (the change sheets, sweep and do the bathroom 3 times a week) and I can say they are comfortable.

AB Rooms are the same, but they share bathroom and kitchen, but have separated rooms with a door each of them

Hope it helps.


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You say they sweep and do bed sheets.. You mean people come in and clean your room a little??? 


Also, the closets look so small.. My biggest concern is having room for my clothes since I'm planning a 2 year language study.  I can't count on buying clothes in China as I'm curvy and while not huge, a little chubby and muscular.. I was in china before and clothes don't fit me there! lol

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