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Guest cedevita

Hello Everyone,

Radmap is an online tool for exploring chinese radicals and characters - there is a detailed explanation of the etymology for each radical, with small seal images, and for every of the 6437 characters (most used ones) you can hear and read its pronounciation and english translation.

Comments are welcome!!!!!!

here is the link:


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It looks very good, and the speed is perfectly fine here. The middle panel of the radical description page is useful because one can see how the radical is used. One suggestion, though. It would be nice if the page describing the radical included pinyin and pronunciation of the radical.

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Guest cedevita

Thanks a lot for the comments!

As for the speed - yeah, the animation is built up for fast computers, up to 1Gh, with at least 256 Mb of memory..

As for the suggestion of showing both the pronounciation and pinyin for the radical - if you look carefully, the radical is also listed in the middle list together with the characters. I will think about a way to make it more obvious though.

Thanks again !


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Thanks for the reply. I looked as you said and lo and behold, there is the pronunciation. I do see that with some radicals, though, it is not obvious. Some of them are marked as the radical, but some such as "word" (yan2) are not. For at least one it is not there at all, for the valley radical.

I found one functional issue. If I have the character flow paused on the main screen, select a radical for viewing, and then exit the radical view, the character flow resumes even though the pause button is still highlighted. I have to hit play then pause to stop the character flow again.

An idea for version 2 or 3 would be to include the Chinese names for the radicals. Zou3zihi1pang2, tu3zi4pang2, etc.

BTW, my Chinese teacher likes your program a lot too.

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Guest cedevita

Yes, i will seriously consider to put the full name of the radical in chinese (didnt come to my mind yet) and investigate the bug you mentioned.

I am really happy to get serious comments from someone.

In the next stage of development we are planning to include a full search engine, so that you can look for any character (in chinese, pinyin or english) on the main screen. (and not only when entering into a radical).

Further we want to allow for different views of the floorplan (zhong wen) and align the radicals by nr of strokes, for example.

We keep on working hard - and will try to make it useful for people like you and others interested in the "world of characters"


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