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Unthinkable in western culture: Eating Dogs and Snakes

Guest Chan

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i've tried fried scorpion too, and it's really good taste than expected.

But be aware that though rabbits, cats, dogs, scorpions, monkey brain are the choice of meats in china, the attitude can be whole different regions by regions.

Snakes are very common in the south. Dog is pretty okay but not really common. Cat is rarely served as a meat . Monkey brain is just strange.

The best here in china is that: you may not have choice on choosing government, but your choice on food is never restrainted.

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I don’t know that people in Shanghai eat snake too.

We don't; snake and dog eating aren't related to Shanghai. But there's all kinds of restaurants in Shanghai today, I'm sure you can eat anything there. Lots of curiousity in Shanghai about those exotic foods, but not many repeat customers.

Shanghainese trademark cuisine is raw foods (crab, fish, chicken) in alcohol. This is also found in nearby cities like Shaoxing, Ningbo. Shanghainese cuisine is mostly seafood or chicken and the Xiaolongbao, everything else is just imitation of somewhere else.

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"Unthinkable in Western culture"? Oh no, dog meat?! Well, to each their own. And what's so bad about eating snakes? How is that worse than eating frog's legs, which I personally think is a lot grosser, or blue cheese, where the mold is still fuzzy, or alligator, or Rocky Mountain oysters? Shudder... :wink:

Western culture as a whole is extremely diverse and has tons of strange traditional foods, ancient and modern; how can anyone compare what's okay to eat in China vs the cuisine in all of Western civilization?

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