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Buying a Wii in Beijing

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If they are making money on hardware then that changes the game. With the size of the Chinese middle class exceeding the entire US population, that's a good incentive for them to sell consoles here. The same goes for other less developed countries such as India.

I guess we won't be seeing XBox 360 or PS3's officially sold here for a while...

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I can see the Wii doing well here. It's a lot more family orientated, the games are much less 打打杀杀, and as soon as they come up with Brain Academy:高考 it's going to fly off the shelves. Give it a few months and the old folks will be playing Wii Sports in the park . . .

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i posted few months ago about my wii.. well since then i've sold it on ebay. at the end of the day i couldn't keep convincing myself that the graphics are 'okay' and that shaking the controller around is 'fun'. i guess i bought it thinking of all the fun i had with the snes and n64 but i was a lot younger back then. now im looking at the ps3...

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