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If fellow posters have watched the CCTV epic "Advance Towards the Republic", you would have been surprised about the volume of coverage on Mr. Song that the director has devoted.

The image of Mr. Song portrayed in this epic drama is even more positive than Mr. Sun Yat Sen.

Mr. Song's understanding of democracy is much more thorough than Sun. The lengthy episode on Song convincing villagers about the merits of democracy is hard to believe that such pro-democracy drama could be made by CCTV.

Too bad Song was assassinated at such young age and his ideals could never be put into practice.

Hmm.....It seems that the police during the Warlord period was more efficient since the assassins were caught in a week's time and the media had guts in pointing out that the culprit was President Yuan.

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Sun Yatsen in the series was portrayed as an absent minded blabbering idealist with a lot of luck. Only in the last few episodes, did he become more stately.

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I am impressed that in the drama when Yuan Shikai meets Song Jiaoren, he praises him twice as "漂亮人物", and wants very much to recruit him to his camp. And it is 趙秉鈞, the premier, who plans the assassination.

I actually find the protrayal of Sun Yat-sen the dreamer quite believable (except that he doesn't speak English).

But this is only the drama.

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