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NPCR Book 1 - Text as Characters Only


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EDIT: Ok, by flagrantly abusing my University's decision to give me a homepage, you can now view the HTML files here: http://www.mcs.vuw.ac.nz/~thorbuandr/. Please try not to view it too much :) I like the Computer Science department (free internet, homepages, ability to VNC in and avoid the great firewall, etc. :)).

EDIT: Uploaded new files, changed encoding to UTF-8 on both files due to Big5 not supporting certain traditional characters according to EmEditor...

One of the things that did annoy me about the NPCR 1 book was that there was Pinyin all the way through for the main texts (and pinyin for supplementary words in the Reading Comprehension and Paraphrasing bit), so I've gone through and typed up all the texts into characters only. I'm also going to do a Pinyin version at some point.

I've also used HanConv to convert them into Traditional Characters, so I would appreciate it if someone who knows traditional characters could take a look and tell me if there are errors. :)

There's probably grammer errors in there due to the authors wanting simplicity, so if you spot those they're probably not my fault. If you spot a character on the other hand that's just blatantly wrong, then tell me and I'll see if I've made a boo-boo. I've already checked it once, but that might not be enough...

They're HTML files as I was going to put them on my Treo, and that's probably the easiest format. Sad, but there we go. As for the table borders, Blazer doesn't like displaying tables properly without borders :evil:

I don't think I'm violating copyright or anything, but I can't find a way to contact the authors, so I guess I (or an admin) will just take it down if they complain.

I'll also probably do book two, and maybe three, just so I can have them on my PDA (and so people can have pinyin versions of those two).

Finally, apologies for putting them up as TXT files. We're not allowed to upload HTML files. Just change the extension and they'll work fine. :) If people would prefer, I'll chuck up doc or PDF versions or something.



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I see only gibberish in the file NPCR1Chars.txt .

Re your file NPCR1Trad.txt, I've noticed these errors -

Lesson 4 part 2

我是語言學院的學生。我姓林,叫林娜。我是英國人。你姓什? [should be 麽]

我不是加拿大人,我是美國人,也是語言學院的學。[should be 生]

Lesson 5 parts 1 & 2

沒關。[should be 係]

Lesson 6 part 1

林娜,昨天的京劇怎樣?[should be 麽]

太好了!什時候去?[should be 麽; 什麽 is ok but some people, like me, prefer 甚麽]

** All the in the file are wrong.

Lesson 7 part 1

謝謝(看名片)啊,您是張教。 [should be 授]

您是語言學院的教,認識您,我們很高興。[should be 授]

張教,您忙不忙?[should be 授]

Lesson 7 part 2

那是語言學院的漢語老師女老師姓陳,男老師姓楊。[seems to me a punctuation mark before 女老師 is missing]

田小姐不是老師,她是語言學院的醫生。[a doctor of the language institute, this is new]

Lesson 8 part 1

他媽媽姓丁,叫丁,是中國人。[i suspect it should be 雲. But since it is a name it can be anything.]

Lesson 9 part 2

當然喝紅葡萄酒,我們還吃壽。[should be 麵]

吃壽?真有意思。[should be 麵]

好,十一月十二號我們再來吃壽。 [should be 麵]

他們在北京烤鴨店吃烤鳴和壽,喝紅葡萄酒。 [should be 麵]

宋華說那天他們再來吃壽和烤鴨。 [should be 麵]

Lesson 10 part 1

這兒有沒有書和?[i don't think we call newspaper like this. should be 報紙。]

Lesson 11 part 1

,我的漢語不太好。[should be 裡 or 裏]

Lesson 11 part 2

現在去還是下去?[looks like something is missing, probably "午" between "下" and "去"]

意吃中藥還是意吃西藥?[should be 願]

意吃中藥。[should be 願]

Lesson 12 part 1

我認識了一個漂亮的姑娘,她意做我女朋友。[should be 願]

祝賀你!這是好事啊。[probably nobody speaks like this. 恭喜你 is more appropriate.]

我租了一很合適的房子。[should be 間]

Lesson 14 part 1

祝你誕快樂 [should be 聖, all the 圣 are wrong]

你的衣服太多了。 [should be 髒]

我們也你們。[should be 想]

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Thanks very much for that!

On the topic of the NPCR1Chars.txt file, I suspect you haven't set your encoding right. Download EmEditor and force it to use GB2312 encoding for that file (if it doesn't detect it automatically).

I'll fix those errors shortly and upload.

In response to specific errors:

Some punctuation was missing, thanks :)

In lesson 7, it really does say "医生", believe it or not. :)

Regarding "祝賀你“, I'm merely reprinting what's in the textbook. While nobody may actually *say* that, it's what's in the textbook. Given that I'm reproducing this to help people get the most out of the textbook, replacing it with what should be said isn't exactly the best idea in the world. :) The same logic applies to "報紙", that's not what's in the textbook. Could be a typo, but that's another discussion entirely.

I also prefer "甚麽", and it's what the textbook says is the traditional version, so we'll go with that. :)

I think I've fixed all the errors. Something to note, though, is that Big5 encoding doesn't support 麽, or 零(or is it 〇?) which I find very strange. So I've converted it to UTF-8 encoding. I don't think it makes much difference :) (I'll do the same with the simplified one).

I'm also going with 丁云 being 丁雲, as the character 王小云's traditional name is 王小雲.

I'll edit my original post in a second to upload the new versions. :)

Thanks again for the help!

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