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Chinese valentine's day


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The story that I heard goes like this …

A bunch of heavenly sisters, 7 to be exact, are skinny-dipping in their favorite Earth pond. A wise-guy spots them and steals their clothes. The youngest daughter, the 7th to be exact, is pushed out of the pond by her 6 older sisters to recover their clothes from the wise-guy. Since the wise-guy gets to see the beautiful, irresistible 7th daughter from heaven in all her heavenly, naked glory, he’s naturally forced to marry her (this being a marrying offense). When mama notices her baby girl isn’t paying much attention to her, mama makes her come home to heaven. But mama feels sorry for the poor wise-guy and allows him a one day visitor’s pass just once each year – on Chinese Valentine’s Day, to be exact. The proper way to celebrate this holiday is to reenact this historical event. :mrgreen:

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Hey luobot and nirvana,

I argee with it. (notice the similarities to the Persphone story in Greek mythology).

The other thing is that they meet on a bridge between heaven and earth. That is the reference in many cheesy sitcoms of lovers walking on small bridges..

Have fun,


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The other thing is that they meet on a bridge between heaven and earth. That is the reference in many cheesy sitcoms of lovers walking on small bridges..

that is so called "magpie bridge"

this word often stands for marriage and love

if you want to give her something as present, you may consider a comb : )

it means care about her "from the head"

"from the head" in Chinese from the very beginning~:mrgreen:

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Magpie bridge is a bridge formed by magpie with their wings one by one.

By the way,the reason why the couple is broke is their status.They belong to two different ranks with huge gap.The girl is from heaven,the boy is from earth.Heaven is the highest rank,but earth is a low rank.There is a rule in the heaven that marriage is prohibited between the people in the heaven and the earth.So the couple is broke.

Even though they live in different places and meet each other only once a year,but they still love each other deeply no matter any fuck rank or rule.That is why they move us and the magpie.So the magpie form the bridge to help them date.

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