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i got the second year!

im going to go hyperventilate.

and i feel like such a proud mama for all of you that got it.

and if you got the email and are waiting, ill bet that you got it, too!

now come to beijing and buy me some dinna!

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Congrats, extrapages!

Another note on the DC connection. When I emailed the contact, in addition to the email, I also received an automatic email saying that he is on vacation in China right now. I'm assuming someone else at the embassy is dealing with this for him, or that he is in email contact, but I'm really hoping that isn't delaying the results. :(

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Congrats Extrapages! Did you mail the app home and have someone send it to the consulate for you? And did you originally only apply for one year? Also, do you have any idea when BLCU's fall term starts? I can't find the info anywhere. Their English site has lots of start dates so I'm not sure which is the right one.

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everyone in this thread should join the new


its for people who have received it, but i think everyone who has been part of this thread should be part of it regardless - although im pretty sure all you that are waiting have gotten it! SO JOIN! so im not the only loser member in a group i created myself. my chinese-forum reputation is on the line here.

im planning to use it to plan and post CSC scholarshipee get togethers and dinners once you all get to beijing... and as you are the first batch of people ive helped, you guys will forever make me a proud mama!

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I just joined the group... but need Aproval :P

Well, A little bit from my background:

I've got a partial chinese scholarship for one year of chinese language and then a master degree on international trade (Donghua University - Shanghai) partial scholarship means that I just receive the tuition for free, But I have to pay for my accommodation and I receive no money from chinese government....

I've been in China for almost one year, took the HSK and... failed :tong So, I just asked for scholarship extention. with my embassy in Beijing... Now they're suppose to be doing all the other paperwork :)

My assistance records are good, and my scores are not bad either... what do you guys know about chances of getting the extension??

Another thing is, I also send a solicitude to my country's embassy in Beijing for getting the complete scholarship... Do you think that's possible??

Thanks ^^

EDIT: I was reading the OP post, and in my country (Colombia) I applied for the full scholarship, and I got the partial one, last year was like this: 6 colombian applicants got the complete scholarship, and other 10 (me included) got the partial one... all of us for master degree... I have that pretty clear in my mind cause the conditions were like that from the beginning LAST YEAR in the website of the education ministry of my country.

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I think there are several of us in the same situation. I have to leave Taiwan in 10 days because of my Visa expiring. I haven't bought a plane ticket yet because I don't know if I'll be going to China or going back home. What would you do in my situation?

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This situation with the DC embassy is getting majorly frustrating. I'm waiting to book my plane ticket until I know if I got the scholarship and to where because I need all the time possible here in the US (I'm in the middle of applying to business school for the following year, and that's a lot easier to coordinate while here). They have to have the results in; I can't see how they couldn't. Has anyone else in the US received confirmation from another embassy other than DC?

Oh, and that was me posting as smh254 a few posts back. He's the boyfriend and I'm the girlfriend. :)

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