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Donghua university (Shanghai)


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Hi everyone, I'll arrive to Shanghai on Aug 25, to study chinese in Donghua Da Xue, I don't know if any of you has references about this University, and if maybe someone is in fact; studying there.

Contact me =) [email protected]


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Hi Loriquero,

To be honest, I've only recently heard about a Chinese language program for foreigners at DongHua University here in Shanghai. In the past, most of the foreign lanugage students that I met either came from ECNU, Fudan, Jiaotong, Tongji, or Shanghai University...and maybe some SISUs. Let us know what the program is like over there!

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Sorry, I didn't see the original post...

DongHua is supposed to be an average university in Shanghai, not as famous as Fudan, JiaoTong, TongJi etc. But I don't think it's a big deal if you come to study Chinese.

Moreover, they have two famous majors: Fashion and Modeling, so it's good to know if you have interest in this industry.

The location is convenient: next to the YanAnXi Rd station (line 3/4).

Welcome to Shanghai :D

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thanks :D

I'm already here in Shanghai, after so many transit visa issues (3 denied visa in a row in Canada and the United States... it's hard to be a colombian guy, and it's harder when my country doesn't have direct flights to China....)

The University ir fine :) the most I love is that noone speaks spanish, so I can just improve my poor english with foreign students, and learn chinese with everyone else...

In my classroom are just people from Africa and Asia... teachers are so good, the food in the canting is very cheap... My room is fine too.

I'm happy to be here :) I'm going to stay here after the chinese course because I got a CSC scholarship in Donghua.

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buanryoh, sorry I didn´t see your post before, and this go to Yanya too...

Well, what can I say, I have been in DongHua for almost for two years, and I really like the school; maybe is not that famous like Jiaotong or Fudan, but here I think they care a little bit more about the students; most of the teachers are fine (chinese program) and most of the foreign students are koreans or japanese (with many africans with scholarship).

The location of the Yan An Road campus is quite convenient, near line 3 and 4 of metro station, a lot of buses in Yan An road... Is not even far of Jiaotong Xuhui campus (I can get there in 10 minutes by bicycle (going trough Anshun road)

The rooms are okay, the school just enable a new building for foreign students, quite neat rooms, but they also seems to be a little be smaller than the old ones.

Yanya: Anything else you can contact me by email :)

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CMacC, The campus is not far at all, the place is quite convenient, clubs, restaurantes, malls... everything is near.

Type B rooms are what they call "suites"? I haven´t seen them yet but I think they are very small, if is the double or the single room they are just ok; anyway, you can tell them that you just have money for pay one month of accomodation and then decide if you like the rooms or not.

I´ll be back in Shanghai this august 31 :) my email address is just in the first post.

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