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A list of online Chinese-English dictionaries

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I'm not sure if this has been done, or if this is the right area to even post this, but I think we should collectively supply links to good Chinese-English English-Chinese online dictionaries. It seems like every time someone helps me with a translation, they have a good dictionary I never knew existed.

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Even if we list them here soon they would be forgotten and then people would still keep asking what this and that means. And the problem of typos in the original material won't be solved.

Anyways, these are in my favourite (some of them accept traditional only; some of them simplified only) ->

英漢字典 - English-Chinese Translation Dictionary

Dict.CN 在線詞典






MDBG free online chinese english dictionary




Chengyu Dictionary - An english dictionary of chinese idioms (I've bookmarked this site but have not really used it)

Chinese Computer Terminology System

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wai ming

I think it would be good if we could make this list a sticky :)

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The idea was that the best would be listed in the first two posts.

Oh, now I see. Thanks for pointing that out to me. And then I was going to suggest that it should be a "Link to Love" only to realize that the link to that thread is a sticky under "Resources and General Study Issues" -- so there is a method to the madness here!

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Further to the list in my previous post #2, I would like to add some more sites that I have come across in recent years(!). Some of them are especially useful for me as a Cantonese speaker in Hong Kong (who uses traditional characters). And they also provide Putonghua pronunciation, and simplified version (or at least the simplified version of the character concerned).

縱橫碼在線中文字典 / CKC Online Chinese Dictionary(2.0版) (I came across this tool, developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Education, today via a press release. It seems to be quite useful, providing sound files in Putonghua and Cantonese as well as English explanations, and also Hindi and Urdu explanations to faciliate ethnic minorities in HK to learn Chinese.)

縱橫碼在線中文字典 / CKC Online Chinese Dictionary(1.0版) (This older version has links to sites such as Kangxi Zidian etc, which I think might better meet the needs of native speakers.)

The following two are closest to the standards (shape of characters, stroke orders, pronunciations) in HK because they were government websites on what is taught in HK schools. They are essentially the same, but one is in Chinese only whereas the other is in both English and Chinese.


Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools

This one is yet another useful tool from Taiwan MOE - Learning Programme for Stroke Order

Hope they are useful to you too.

PS - oh and there is also 漢典 http://www.zdic.net/

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