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Help with cantonese blog entry


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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate if someone could translate the following blog entry for me:





今早同佢去airport之前去咗pacific coffee度食早餐,2個人食咗成舊水

越黎越覺得佢勁...有好多22歲ge年青人仲係讀緊u,佢已經係一間公司ge manager



今日last day返工,勁俾人問尋日果個o係咪bf...


講真呢排d英文差咗!睇黎要去miss wan度補返下喇...@.@"


Its from my girlfriend, i want to know what it says so i can write a small reply in Chinese and surprise her (and practice at the same time), I'm having a bit of trouble understanding it.

Thank you so much!

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Yesterday I went to Wing On dept stores in Yaumatei with Claudia to do some shopping ...

bedlinens @.@"

an iron @.@"

still need to buy lots of things, will wait till s/he comes back

went with him/her to the airport this morning, before that had breakfast at pacific coffee, just the two of us but we spent almost $100

admire him/her more and more, many 22-year-olds are still in university, but s/he is already a manager of a company

then I think of myself ...... should I play less hard?

this week when s/he is in Singapore I should be able to concentrate on work

it was my last day at work today, and so many people asked me if the guy they saw yesterday was my boyfriend

and they said ,"wow, a foreigner. That means you can speak in English, right?"

really my English is not as good these days, looks like I need to go back to miss wan for some lessons ..@.@"

uhm... that's all for now, more or less ~

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