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Xi'Er Dun

A dictionary of Chinese dialect characters 方言字?

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Xi'Er Dun

Does anyone know of an existence of a dictionary of Chinese dialect characters 方言字?

An online or downloadable for Windows or Palm OS (free)* would be ideal.

Otherwise, is there a Chinese Hanzi Dictionary 字典 downloadable for free for Palm OS?

Preferably one with at least 7000+ separate character entries.

(Hey, I love the Character dictionaries 字典 with at least 10,000+ separate character entries, but I know that one for Palm OS or even Windows may be non existent, or is there such thing? let alone one being even free...)


Xi ' Er Dun 希尔顿 from 澳洲 Australia

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have you ever tried a software called 'lingos'?

it has plenty of dictionaries in its offical-web,including chinese.

but,for dialect characters....

the dialect characters in different provinces or cities is different.

which dialect do you want?

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Existing regional tags in the Adso database include SHANGHAI, BEIJING and TAIWAN. I think we may have one or two tagged as SICHUAN as well. Anyone is welcome to add regional terms: just tag the entry with the capitalized placename as well as its regular pos:


The dictionary is freely available, and there are a variety of applications that use it on different platforms. I'm not sure about palm programs although Mike Love has converted a much older version to Pleco format.

Note -- this isn't a character database so much as a full dictionary, but we can add any missing characters and create region-specific definitions for existing ones as desired.

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