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---over due random new words (com'n we should all accumulate a few everyday, right?)

ok so it has occured to me that the word 霸王appears quite often...here are a few I can remember..

霸王龙 ba4wang1long2: t-rex...roarrrrrr

霸王洗发水 (with 成龙, hmmm) (ok if you are in china and see the tv commercials you'll know what this is..)

霸王餐ba4wang1can1: to eat a meal at a restaurant and not pay for it

Any other random 霸王 words you know and want to add?

霸王别姬 :)

hee hee.. what an opera fan I am!

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Would be interested to hear if anyone knows the origin of the usage.
针对和谐的另一说法。“和谐”的谐音,有点黑色幽默的味道:指响应党和ZF的号召,贯彻实施“和谐”社会,文明网络,对某些具体非具体的网络上内容进行修改或者删除。 由于很多和谐的做法导致了网民的不便或者间接侵害了网民的利益,人民以何与ZF争辩?恰好"he xie"在拼音里“和谐=河蟹”,因此,便出现了“河蟹”的“非主流解释”,这种解释,大约产生于2007年。



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路霸: lu4ba2: a highway overloard (people who demand money or services with little or no justification , esp. of drivers using the section of highway or road under their control ~old article here ) as well as a car model called RoadBar

Oh, and apparently a chinchilla is called a 龙猫 ( at least according to the petshop where they have a pair of em') but in my dictionary it says something else..regional difference and different names I suppose, not uncommon...ahhhhhh sooo cute and fluffy

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殷 is the surname of Ophelia and her family in the Chinese opera version of Hamlet. That was the first time I came across it. Now there's random for you.

I had a really good random word but am not sure if I can get it right...

稻草梱 dao4cao3kun3 bale of hay. Specifically the really big (2-3 meters) rolls that you can see lying on fields in autumn. From a picture, it took four people to come up with first the Chinese and then the English, and although I've seen these things a thousand times I still can't think of the Dutch.

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面紅耳赤 mian4 hong2 er3 chi4 red in the face, as in 爭得面紅耳赤 arguing until they are red in the face. From an article about, who else, disagreeing Taiwanese politicians.

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