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Oh, and apparently a chinchilla is called a 龙猫 ( at least according to the petshop where they have a pair of em') but in my dictionary it says something else..regional difference and different names I suppose, not uncommon...ahhhhhh sooo cute and fluffy

Thanks, now I know what these are called in English/Spanish too! They are indeed very cute, but seem to be somewhat of a high-mainenance pet.

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蹲馬步 dun4 ma3 bu4 the 'horse stance' in gongfu. In the article I saw it in it was used as meaning 'the very basics', that you have to learn first before you can think of doing anything fancy.

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From :


表达 biǎo dá : to express, to convey

委婉语 wěi wǎn yǔ : euphemism

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Roddy, not to be picky but your tone marks are on the wrong vowels. Is that a problem with the system you use to type them?

I got two today:

娃娃車 wa1wa1che1 what do you call it, the little carts for riding babies around.

And the word for corkscrew. I asked two Chinese who both said there was no word for it. Fortunately a lady working at a bar knew better: 開瓶器 kai1ping2qi4, 'bottle-open-machine'

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Yeah, to be honest I couldn't tell you without checking where the tones should go, and while I do (along with all other right-minded people) have pinyinput installed it wasn't in checked mode. Trouble with checked mode is that you cān't dó thǐs, càn yǒǔ?

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