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Arabic Schools Nanjing?


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but Beijing there's one here

Sorry I realize this may not be useful to Trufflepig, but if it is useful to anyone else then here it is...for some reason I thought I may have seen some other post about arabic before...

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Unlikely, but it might be worth trying the foreign language departments at the universities to see if they run evening classes or if you could find a teacher there to tutor you. Realistically, I don't rate your chances. I tried to have a look at the university websites, but they're all horrible and I gave up.

for some reason I thought I may have seen some other post about arabic before...

Might have been this, geraldc looking for farsi speakers.

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Cheers all. Was hoping someone had walked this road before and save me time. Will do some grunt work and post back if it yields anything - but yeah in agreement with all - chances are bleak.

For anyone else thats interested, the next best thing and in some cases better than classes - the pimsleur language programme is excellent for self study of languages (although oral and aural focused only) - re: arabic there's both eastern arabic and egyptian arabic available.

If you dont have a spare 200-400USD then its very easily bittorrent-able (mininova.org, torrentspy.com etc etc), but caveat this as unconscionable and you should be course be briskly tarred and feathered you illegal downloader you.

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For finding out about Arabic language programs anywhere, check with the nearest Mosque. All Moslems try to learn Arabic to at least to be able to read the Qran in the original Arabic. Most if not all Mosques have Arabic language classes.

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hi , I'm a native Arabic speaker! so I know it's a long shot to think that you still want to, but did you find any schools? cause I want to teach Arabic in a school or just private lessons, I'll be in Nanjing next September and will stay there for a long time :) .

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I don't know about Nanjing, but there are programs in areas with many Hui Chinese, such as Ningxia. Last time I was in Yinchuan, the taxi driver who took me from the airport told me that he was studying Arabic at 宁夏大学阿拉伯学院 (the School of Arabic at Ningxia University), and the department is apparently one of the bigger ones at Ningxia University. If you contact them, they might have information about contacts in your area.

Edit: Apparently the School of Arabic is the first and biggest of its kind in China. They're probably your best bet. I'd give you a direct link, but Chrome claims their webpage contains malware, so try to find them through Ningxia University.

Edit 2: I somehow missed that this thread is almost 6 years old... :-? But I guess that the above is relevant to Alya3 too. Next time create a new thread, will you? The forum becomes confusing and less searchable if you piggyback new questions on old threads like that.

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