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Audio recordings of Shandonghua 山东话? What it sounds like?

Xi'Er Dun

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Are there any audio sound recordings (free online download) of Shandonghua 山东话 as it is spoken, maybe even Jinnanhua 济南话 to be more specific, but any Shandonghua would be fine too. I have heard from some that it is very if not completely different to PuTongHua 普通话 or even Beijinghua 北京话, but then why is it referred to as Jilu Guanhua 冀鲁官话(Jilu Mandarin)? If someone can also link me through to an online source website that has information on Shandonghua or even Jinanhua and its phonology and even any of its Special Dialect Characters or Fangyanzi if they use any 山东话方言字?

By the way, while I posting this post, I am also interested in Hong Kong exclusive Dialect Characters, ones that are only used in Hong Kong Cantonese 粤語. They have had to create special extended character sets to support these. I have been told that there are a great number of these Hanzi 漢字 that are only used/found in Hong Kong (Xiang Gang / Hoeng Gong 香港). Is there any website that has information (usage/meanings) on these special dialect characters Xiangganghua Fangyanzi 香港話方言字 (粤語字)?



Xi'Er Dun 希尔顿 from 澳州 Australia

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I don't think you'll have much luck finding recordings of fangyan on the intertnet. Chinese themselves don't think much of their native dialects. Wikipedia has some interesting information about how linguists have tried to break down the various dialects into familes. I've tried having conversations with Chinese about this, and the conversation never went anywhere. If there are any recordings of Chinese dialects on the internet they will probably have been posted by a foreigner.

I've never been to Shandong, but if it's like anywhere else in China, there will be several fangyan. My wife works with a man from Shandong, and his coworkers always make fun of his putonghua because he doesn't speak it well. So, despite the "rule" that Northern Chinese dialects are all similar to Putonghua/Bejinghua, there seem to be ecxceptions.

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