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What's Your Favourite Character?


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Not that it really matter but in calligraphy (I don't know why) I love to write 之

I just like them for the way they look and feel, I've always been intrigued why 家 is written the way it is though.

What you don't have a pig under your roof??? I bet it was written by a woman who had a pig for a husband... :lol:

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衣 or anything with an 衣 like thing in it.

Same here. My absolute favourite is , mainly for being so dynamic. It really looks like it is on its way somewhere. Other favourites are and .

Other ones conjure up funny associations, like , which looks like a cow coming towards you, legs astride, on a motorcycle. I normally stick to simplified characters, but the traditinonal is funny. It looks like a raging bull charging straight at you, with the horns on top of its head and you-know-what hanging between its legs :).

Then for some reason I have taken a dislike to , especially in the many combinations where it makes up one half of the character. Can't explain it but I just find it boring to write.

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I'm actually surprised nobody has yet listed here yu3, the rain character:

Now that I'm trying in earnest to learn to read I've found so many beautiful characters but this one has a special place because it was the first one I was able to remember. ''Rain falling through a window'' was the way it was described to me.

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