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What's Your Favourite Character?

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Yeah, you're right. It was guang (古雙切), all these years ago.

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More like /kæwŋ/ (Baxter). See the tables here.

Middle Chinese had alveolo-palatals too, but they became retroflexes in Mandarin.

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I keep writing it everywhere, even carved it into stone.

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廿 nian4

It comes from Cantonese and simply means the number 20. But it's more like common sense now I guess.

The pronounciation should be jaa6 in Cantonese, a bit like呀 in madarin.:)

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鑫 - xin

this character consists of 3 金- Jin (gold)

It is used in names to mean prosperity.

When walking on the streets of China, I often see it in the names of amusement arcades and gambling places.

It makes me smile as it reminds me of the chinese love of gold and what can be better than lots of it all together!!!

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I've always been a fan of the 'mulinsen' (木林森) series, just because I often used them to describe to friends who think Chinese characters are just 'chicken scratch' how many Chinese characters are often pictures with meaning.

I also have soft spots for 天 because I always recognize it on the back of Akuma's shirt, 空,and 赢 because its one of the few complicated characters that I can write, and I learned the story about how 赢 means 'to win'

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