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Handwriting Thread!!


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Sky Harbor

I'm making flashcards today, so here's a sample of my handwriting. :D

post-43418-079761800 1307077536_thumb.jpg

I frequently write in semi-cursive, but I can also write in print. People were surprised when they found out that although I haven't studied Chinese for a very long time, I'm still able to write 汉字 well, stroke order and all. :P

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post-39698-0-24434700-1330372729_thumb.jpgFirst of all, my apologies for digging this thread, but I'm very interested in handwritten Chinese. I'm attaching a sample of my handwriting (and my teacher's, in red). I was very proud of it, compared to my classmates' it looked very nice (at least to me! :wink: ), but my Chinese penfriend simply said that it looked "tidy". Using Wolowitz's expression, that was a "neg"... Then I realised that my handwriting doesn't look adult at all, and decided I had to do something about it. I'm going to buy Chinese cursive script, by F. Wang, as some of you recommend it. You also mentioned 3sfm, but it's written in Chinese, and I don't think I can understand it yet (I can't even understand amazon.cn, let alone ordering the book! :lol: ). So any comments or advise are welcome!
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3sfm is a good book if you can get it easily, maybe on a visit to China or something. You would miss out on some of the explanations if you can't read Chinese so well, but it would still be useful simply due to the fact that it's basically showing you ways to write different radicals/components and then letting you copy samples.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, I would recommend my site Hanzi Grids. It not only lets you create custom grids of various shapes and sizes for handwriting practice, but it also has a couple of handwriting fonts which you can use to practice a more adult style of writing (see examples page here).

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This was written late last year when I found that I could not read emails written in the simplified script on my office's email system.


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Meng Lelan
This was written late last year when I found that I could not read emails written in the simplified script on my office's email system.

Very nice.

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I am a native speaker of Chinese. The attachment is my handwriting. It's a poem from 方文山.
我很喜欢你的字!很漂亮! post mine,although i am a native speaker,my handwriting is really terrible among my classmates


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