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Pitfalls to avoid looking for teaching jobs in China?


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So, I'm looking to do this as soon as I graduate....I've been to China before, I speak pretty decent Chinese, and I have teaching experience. I also have an impeccable academic record at a very good American University.

I DON'T have a TEFL/TESOL certification....a lot of the jobs I see (daves esl cafe, etc) require these it seems, but some don't...are the places that don't require one unreliable? Is it worth getting one or can I get a job without one?

Also, I've heard some horror stories about schools that refuse to pay, etc etc....any advice on how to spot the sketchy places while jobhunting?

Also, if anyone knows of good jobs, I'm looking for something ideally in the northeast but NOT Beijing....I dislike Beijing.

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The best place in the Northeast is Dalian, but I'm biased having come here and not want to leave! :lol:

The Northeast can get pretty cold. Check the average annual temps, etc, an example for Harbin. Check out local community sites too - get impressions from the locals.

If you have strong academics and a strong university behind you, and are quite career focused, don't devalue your CV by working in an average churn-burn language school. I'd recommend a university, and a better university at that. Universities tend to pay less than language schools, but they also tend to be more reliable, lower stress, more focused on adding-value - designing curriculums, etc. At least that's my impression. Approach them directly and call them too, as many universities don't utilise/check their email.

I don't think a 2 week TEFL certificate adds much at all. There are some qualifications which may be better, like CELTA, but those courses are longer and more expensive.

The legal requirement for getting a work visa, at least in Liaoning, is a university degree and at least 2 years' work experience in your home country. 'Find' some work experience before applying. You have teaching experience - all the better.

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sounds good, thanks!

and yeah, I know about the Northeast, I was in Harbin this summer...cold weather i can handle, and I love 东北人...so i want to go back..

what i'm trying to do is get a job at 哈工大, actually, cuz I have some friends who are students there at the moment. You're right that they don't seem to ever check their email, though...

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