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NPCR Books 2+3 - Texts only - Editing Help needed...


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That's a bit sad, but thanks. Also, it's best if most posts go on the forums, so other people can get the same information. :)

Also, NPCR 5 textbook looks thicker in than the other books for some reason. Is it? Or is it about the same?

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Wow, thank you very much. Will you please tell me more information about Chinse Book shops or communities overseas?

I've published lots of Chinese learning textbooks, but some foreign students don't know the information about them. My main task is to promote these excellent books to overseas.

Thank you for your help

I replied to your ad, I see you found a method. I can't help much with shops, though.

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Correction is required in volume 3, additional texts:

Text title: 张学良的鼻烟壶

needs to change to 夏威夷

Hanzi and look similar, indeed.

夏威夷 Xiàwēiyí Hawaii

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I'm using NPCR in my classes, but maybe I'm just dense... could someone enlighten me as to how having these texts is helpful to people studying the books? If the text is already in the book, then why do we need it here? Would love to have another study tool, but apparently I'm too dense to figure out how to use it! Thanks.

Also, if anyone knows where I can find pinyin translations of the NPCR texts, I'd greatly appreciate it.

J, whose character reading is well behind her NPCR level

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The general idea was that it's a bit of a pain to have to cart the books around if all you want from them is the text. This way, you can chuck it all onto a laptop, or onto a PDA to use with PlecoDict.

Also has the advantage, at least for the first book, of removing the pinyin from beneath the characters so that you don't have it distracting you. Similarly, it removes the tone marks from the second book.

Finally, it's good to have them all collected in one place, so you don't have to hunt through the book for whichever RC&P one you wanted.

Maybe not a *major* advantage, but hey. I reckon it could be helpful. :)

If you want them in Pinyin, you'll probably have to do the conversion yourself, I'm afraid. There are tools out there that will do it, but I'm not sure how good they are.

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Could have been worse - most of the effort involved was scanning and OCRing the texts, then asking people for help making sure the traditional characters are done. Thankfully, I was still at Uni while doing this, and had much more free time than I do now :)

Sadly, the project is still unfinished. Maybe I'll find time to finish off book 3, though I doubt it will be soon. Books 1 and 2 should be fine though.

Also, if you do end up converting them to pinyin, just make sure you post them back here for everyone else to take advantage of :)

Personally, I found reading/writing to be distinctly easier than speaking, but that's something that's generally true for me even when dealing with English (which is my native language :D).

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ipsi(): I've been transcribing the textbook dialogues and reading comprehension passages for NPCR 1 and 2 this year into pinyin to help me practice writing characters. I am happy to share the files to people on this forum, but am not sure how to proceed. Please advise :)

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I just discovered this thread and the links to the first three books are dead. Does anybody know if there's a mirror for these files? We're using these books at university and I was planning on creating an Anki decks with these scripts for the first two books.

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