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Recognizing 篆文 (seal script) characters


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This isn't a huge priority for me since I still can't recognize most modern regular script characters, but I'm wondering... is it possible to recognize many seal script versions of regular script characters that you already know the regular script versions for if you simply learn the seal script versions of the common radicals?

I find 篆刻 (seals) really interesting for a variety of reasons and think it would be nice to be able to recognize the seal character versions of characters I learn if there were a way to do so without a huge amount of effort. It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to learn the seal versions of common radicals/roots using some sort of flashcard system, I just don't know how useful it would be overall.

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That essay seems to show bopomofo phonetic characters and not radicals or roots that are used to construct other characters. So I'm not sure how helpful that is.

I'm familiar with the chinese-tools site and I have most of their fonts installed on my computer along with several other better "seal" fonts. The "seal font" that they have on their site is kind of weird though. A number of the characters I've found in it look different than what I have in my seal character dictionaries (篆刻字典), what I've found in online databases of seals, and the characters shown in other fonts. So I'm not sure where some of them come from.

Maybe I'll just create my flashcard deck and see how useful it turns out to be.

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