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Learn Chinese in China

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with Mandarinrocks


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Learn with the leading language school-Mandarinrocks!

-7 years of expertise as a leading Chinese language school

-Premium education at affordable prices

-Proven methodology-guaranteed fast learning success

-All levels from beginner to advanced year round

-Highly qualified and experienced instructors

-Centrally located campus in Shanghai metropolitan area

-Open enrollment classes start every Monday throughout the year

-On-campus activities and field trips

-Teaching, internship, work and volunteer opportunities

-Mandarinrocks certification

MandarinRocks is the leading Chinese language school based in Shanghai building on "Total Solution To Language Barriers". Over the years, we’ve been dedicated to provide the best Chinese language training through superior teaching resource combined with the most strict and effective quality control system anywhere in this nation. Bustling with students from over 50 countries, we have become the first choice for international students and local expatriate community for Chinese language learning.

Our program includes

A Chinese language course (General/Business/HSK Preparation/Kids)

From 455USD/340EUR (two weeks) and upwards

B Corporate training

C Study-Internship (Valuable working experience in international or Chinese companies in Shanghai)

2090USD/1540EUR for 4 months, 3155/2325EUR for 5 months

D Volunteer program (Teach English to kids in rural areas)

E 2008 International Summer Camp ( Starts from Jun 16, 30, Jul 14, 28, Aug 11 )

1710USD/1260EUR for 2 weeks, 3280USD/2420EUR for 4 weeks, 4140USD/3050USD for 6 weeks


2008 International summer camp offers a strong emphasis for you to build a solid foundation to understand the Chinese culture and language and at the same time enjoy activities and sports. Our program is not only an academic in-class learning experience but also a multi-city travel course and entertain program. The program is a perfect balance between study, leisure and travel. While it is necessary to learn Chinese in a classroom setting, our program helps you apply it to the everyday environment in China. With our great management, your schedule will be well organized with a perfect balance of courses, sports, activities and cultural visits. Every weekend you will have the opportunity to get an excursion to a different city of China.


-Shanghai, the most safe, upbeat and vigorous city in Asia

-Program available for total beginner to advanced students aged from 7 to 25

-5 start dates from June to August, 2-6 weeks flexible schedule

-Full program of cultural activities and trips to discover China in its real sense.

-24/7 bilingual counselors and on-site program director

The 2008 international summer camp is now open to worldwide participants aged from 7 to 25!

For more school and program information please visit or inquire


Plaza 66, Suite 6502, No 1266 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China, 200040

Tel: +86 21 62550715 Fax: +86 21 62887803

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.mandarinrocks.com

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MandarinRocks Chinese Language School occupies three floors of an elegant, classic Shanghai style villa conveniently located in the heart of Shanghai. The modern and well equipped school offers a professional and relaxing atmosphere.The very centrally-located yet elegant and tranquil location offers an ideal environment to study in and to enjoy the city of Shanghai, outside the limits of the usual tourist itineraries.

MandarinRocks is a Chinese language school where quality teaching and a wide variety of Chinese courses come together in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, where each student finds a personalized welcome and attention. This warm reception from the teachers and staff helps our students feel at home right from the start and ensures that they receive the assistance needed to make their stay in Shanghai pleasant, safe and interesting.

MandarinRocks has an exciting range of Mandarin Chinese language coursesfrom absolute beginners to advanced available all year round. The minimum age for regular courses is 16 (no limit for private tuition and kids course). The maximum number of students per class is 8 (average 3~5). Placement test will be given before or on your arrival to place you into the appropriate class.

The language courses are in four major categories:

- General Chinese

- Business Chinese

- HSK Preparation

- Others (including Spoken, Character, Writing, kids)

The courses are available in groups, individuals and combination

Beginner group courses commence on 16 start dates throughout 2011 while individual courses and non-beginner group courses start every Monday. (check schedule).

Besides Chinese language course, we also offer

Study-Internship program (for 18-27yrs) year round

Combining Chinese language learning with work experience in Chinese or multinational companies operating in China

Summer Camp program (for 7-25yrs) from June to August every year (start from Jun 13 in 2011)

Fully integrating language learning with leisure activities and travel

MandarinRocks Villa 52,888 Xinzha Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +86 21 62550715

Fax: +86 21 62883988

Web: www.MandarinRocks.com

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