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What other language you would like to learn?

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native English speaker, 38 y/o

French age 10-present

Arabic age 28-present

Chinese age 4-5, then age 37-present

Spanish age 10-16 (lived in a Spanish speaking environment until age 30)

German age 24-26

Italian age 23-27

Russian 6 mos at age 18

Latin age 12-20

Dutch age 32-34

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I currently speak 1-1/2 language: my native language and English (I'd include Chinese, but I really don't know enough other than the basic "wo hen ni," "shen jing bing," and "cesuo zai nar?"). I used to dream about speaking three other languages, but now I know it'll never happen. Still, I've been taking beginning classes on various languages (French, German, Korean, etc.), mainly because I want to be able to pronounce all foreign phrases correctly the next time I see them in a book.

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Classical Chinese.

It makes me feel smrt (S-M-R-T) and I find it much more efficient than vernacular Chinese.

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I want very much to learn French. I started learning it when I was 18 and I continued on and off till I was 24. Then I stopped for 2 years because the fees to learn French is really too high for me. I would love to learn it again.

Besides French, the other languages I know are English, Chinese and Hokkien. Bits and pieces of Cantonese too.. :mrgreen:

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