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[quiz] Again, guess what it is?


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I have the answer, but a "guest" should not precede the "hosts".

Let's ask the Hanzi worshippers' sect members first (without hacking and other tricks, and without help from you) to interpret those characters using the easiness of Chinese characters reading et all (and IQ as well)


It should have been posted here:

http://www.chinese-forums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1787 :mrgreen:

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Mặt trời sở dĩ có thể chiếu sáng khắp thế gian là vì nó dũng cảm thiêu cháy bản thân mình

"The sun (litt: the sun's face) can illuminate the whole world because it courageously burns its own body"

The first character should not be "the eyes" but "the face". Don't you agree?

Even if it were an "used as" character (for example 面 ), it could not be 目

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Thanks for correcting my mistake~! 064.gif, Just corrected.

But again, you know your fellows Vietnamese are forgiving my mistakes again.

This afternoon I talked to a staff in my hotel (who can speak good English and educated in a university in TP HCM), I told him, "oh, don't you think it's very interesting that Vietnamese call the Sun as 'the eye of sky'?" I did write this sentence down (as mắt), and he understood, he agreed, I pointed very clearly that mắt = eye; trời = sky, he just didn't correct me...

But he did teach me another words dương and âm, 陽 / 陰. (Note to those who know nothing about Vietnamese, the "d" in Southern Vietnamese is pronounced like a "y" in English, so "duong" is pretty similar to "yang".

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He he 目 has disappeared... Things change so fast

I think it's actually you who are acting too fast~ give me some time, man! 056.gif

Another question, what's the exact character of "khắp"? Is mine correct? I'm using Dai Tu Dien Chu Nom published by Nha xuat ban Van Nghe TP HCM, it costed me 180,000 dongs! (US$11.4), the most expensive book I've bought in Vietnam so far! ~~

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I have the same, so the game can go on. You know, chữ nôm is not standardized. There can exist elsewhere a lot more invented words (some characters in Mojiko fonts are not in the dictionary, even if it is a very good one)

"Heaven's eyes" also makes sense, but it means "divine justice"

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