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Pls Help few doubts on HSK-Intermediate exam.


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1.Markes :

1a.Is there negative markes ? (i.e if we select wrong answers will they deduct markes from our answers )

1b.Does all markes carry equal markes or different ?i.e If a section has 50 question does all carry 2 markes or few are 1,2,3,4,5 markes.

1c.If questions are not equal markes.How do we know how much markes does a question carry ?

1d.In sections having sub-sections.how do we know the breakup of markes for each sub-section ?

2.On Section-4,subsection-2(Writing)

2a.Here do we need to write character or words ?

2b.Does characters are from Grammar elements (if,only,then,comparison etc..) or vocabulary or mixture of these ?

2c.If fill in the blanks have synonyms ,how to choose the right one.Ex if can be written as ("if" =Yao shi,ru guo,jia ruo") ?

3.How does one prepare for Section-3.sub-section-1,synonyms ? Pls let me know if Any good reference book available .

4.Is there anyone preparing for HSK-Intermediate April,2008 ?What are the strategies and materials you are referring ?

5.I am from Singapore,Indian,putting my best efforts through self study to clear Intermediate,aiming to pass with Intermediate-Advanced level.Pls suggest me some strategies and guidance.

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Hi krishna,

I took it a couple of years ago. I don't think the format has changed since then.

There are no negative marks for getting things wrong. You are counted on how many you get right. This can be tricky for the reading section as the passages are long and you need to read quickly to finish all the questions.

in general the beginning of the section has easier questions and the later questions in a certain section are tricky.

The writing section of the intermediate section is writing single characters. They will have a common word line to continue 继续 you will have to write the second half. I remember it as it was one that I studied but still got wrong. Some of them are much easier like friend. 朋友 .

Other than the writing character section everything else is multiple choice.

synonym sections you just need to have a good vocabulary and learn the different usage of them. Espicially which situations certain words are used and others are not like 您 and 你 for a simple example.

When I prepared I got books, model tests, and took a review class.

I still got stuck on the reading section which requires fast reading. If you have good tones that will help in the listening.

have fun,


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I think this is all correct:

1a, no.

1b, questions within a section (ie all questions in the reading section) are of equal weight. However, questions across sections (ie one question from reading and one from listening) aren't, as the sections have different numbers of questions, but contribute the same amount to your overall grade.

1c, maths :wink:

1d, Within each section it is one mark per question.

2a, single characters

2b, mixture, I think

2c, the questions will be written so that there can only be one reasonable possibility, or if there is more than one you'll get a mark for any appropriate answer.

3, Lots of hsk books of all types here, not sure if you can get them locally in Singapore.

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