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How easy to learn Cantonese after Mandarin?


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i'm a big fan of steve's. even though i dont think his accent is the best, but his pronunciation and fluency is great. doing self-study myself i follow his method and even use chinese lingq. :mrgreen:

but i havent been doing cantonese. i did pimsleur for it a couple years ago and thats as far as i've been. because while my mandarin is cool, its not where i'd like it to be. so i focus on that. but i like cantonese.

also my wife is native canto/hakka, so when i go back home with her i hear it a lot and have really gotten used to it. i can even understand parts of conversations without even knowing cantonese. just by the sounds and structures similar to mandarin.

i think it should be easy enough if i actually try! :):roll: lol

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A very old article, but the topic is still relevant even 8 years later :-)

I've put together my thoughts in a blog post here: https://www.pinhok.com/how-to-learn-cantonese-from-mandarin/

Some of the points I suggest have been mentioned in posts above, some might be new - also caused by the gap of 8 years, so thought this might be quite interesting to have posted here - as a sort of update.

Would be great to hear what other people have come across in terms of resources!

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