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Sichuanese aka 四川话


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Last quick note: I think it is weird that you two think it is the best sounding dialect, it is a very ruff, gruff, a 刺耳 dialect.

To me Mianyang accent (actually all the northern accents) is considered very soft. Come down to south (Yibin, Luzhou) and you will hear the real ruff, gruff and 刺耳 Sichuanhua... :mrgreen:

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I'm guessing this has to do with melamine, but one doesn't need to be from Sichuan to figure that out. (I would never have guessed the actual song title, since I don't know the song.)

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Whoa, you actually did attempt this question, quite a surprise to me (coz it seems like 四川话 is not really considered a dialect after all and very few people except for those who live there care about it...). :)

As for why the answer, it's not really about the melamine stuff, and I think I posted the question before the scandal broke out (maybe more than just a scandal now). Well, 无言 is obviously referring to 哑巴, and 结局 is in fact a pun coz it sounds like "sucking" in 四川话 (but not in all variations I think), and therefore "无言的结局". I have to say it's pretty lame but really gave me a good laugh when I first heard it.

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