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Should Qin Shi Huang's tomb be excavated?


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  • 4 years later...

ok i know this is probably late and no one will read but the plan is that the tomb is being planned to be excavated starting in the 2020s. The only reason not now is because archaeology is slow and requires patients, also the chinese ahve lost much of their heritage and don't want to lose anymore just yet. So Archaeologists are taking there time and dicovering the rest of the terra cotta army first. But when we do get into the tomb there is supposed to be a small replica of Qin Shi Huang's empire with all the moutnains and everything, even the rivers which are supposedly flowing with mercury. Them to top it all there is supposedly a replica of the night sky and instead of stars, jewels for each star. If we do find that it would be pretty cool. So just let the arcaeologists take their time, and trust them, you wouldnt want to go to quick and end up damaging some of the architechture now would you. Thanks for reading! :D

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Yeah I say for them to take their time. If it is all it's cracked up to be then it would be sad to lose it in haste. Plus it builds up the mystery.

I think it's interesting to note that the only reason they are contemplating opening the tombs is because the communists came to power. If the revolution went along the lines of an emperor-republic (like Japan) then maybe China would still be protecting the tombs of their ancestors. Until the communist came to power, each successive emperor was in charge of making sure no one opened the tombs. The communists came to power and threw away that taboo.

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 (国发〔1997〕13号 1997年3月30日






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You have to remember whenever archaelogical excavation is made, the site will be destroyed. That's the very nature of the science. You'll have detailed recordings of the findings, artefacts and opened up site (and hopefully tons of scholarly publications, popular articles and TV documentaries), but _never_ ever can the site be examined again as pristine.

I suppose the archaelogists have hands full with sites around China, which need to be studied before they'll be lost forever under highways, dams, maglevs, ports, housing and all other stuff built during the economic boom. The tomb of First Emperor is not under such a threat. Quite opposite, every year brings more knowledge, experience and new scientific methods to handle the case when it'll be due.

The tomb has been there over two thousand years. It can handle few dozen years more, or centuries for that matter. Of course our personal curiosity won't be fullfilled if the excavation will be postponed beyond our lifetime. But that's hardly a reason to start digging in haste.

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We could all eat some mercury, and become immortal! Who's down?

Also the name "China" is derived from his Qin, or Chin dynasty. -bhchao

A Chinese friend of mine said China was named after Chinese porcelain Changnam hence it also being called China.

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These recent news reports are relevant ->

秦始皇陵陵區啟動新一輪發掘 專家推斷有大量陶俑

New digging begins at Qin burial pit

From the test excavation, one 70-cm-wide and 61-cm-high tripod vessel and 11 pottery figurines were uncovered in the burial area. The tripod vessel weighed 212 kg, with an elegant shape, grand imposing manner, and smooth ridges. The pottery figurines stood bare on their upper bodies, which was the first time warriors have been found without armor or war shirts,
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