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connections between French and Chinese revolutions


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Recently at school, I've been learning about the French revolution, and I've found several connections to the Chinese cultural revolution:

1. Society: majority of people = peasants displeased with bad harvests, corrupt govt officials, and poverty.

2. The people were constantly being watched, and any counterrevolutionary actions were reported. (In France, if you called someone by the traditional title, "madame" or "messeur" you could be reported. Is there any equivalent of this in the Chinese cultural revolution? the teenage Red Guards?)

3. In both cases, the revolutionaries wanted to create an ideal society, but failed miserably.

4. Economy:the revolutions killed the economy

are there any other similarities I have not mentioned? (I bet there're a lot)

please tell me

any help is appreciated :mrgreen:

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Instead of similarities alone, i want to point out something on both similarities and differences.

The manner of how the revolution is started and carried out. French revolution is from the bottom to the top, while the cultural revolution is more likely from the top to bottom. Although both had something to do crisis in agricultural development and food supply and peasant poverty, cultural revolution was more related to the political struggles for the ultimate controlling position within the party and thus was used by politicians as political tools to strike opponants. But French revolution shares no such features, at least at the very beginning.

On the other hand, both country's revolutions intrigger extreme political fevers in its people, which went beyond control at last and caused great catastrophe not only in economy, but also in humanity, social justice and culture and tradition.

Only my rough thinking. Hope others can contribute more.:wink:

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