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Where to study mandarin in Chongqing? Any thoughts?


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Firstly, thanks for the creators of the forum, which is a great place to find lot of information...

Well, I am an spanish engineering student, 21 years old, and I have obtained a grant to do a traineeship in a company in China, more accurately in Chongqing, during september and october 2008.

The point is: I am studying mandarin since january (I consider my self having very very very basic knowlegdes of chinese, of course), and I want to make the most of my traineeship doing an intensive course of mandarin there, in Chongqing, during july and august. This way, I will prepare myself better before my work starts.

But I have not a clue of where to find academies or universities which offer this kind of language courses in Chongqing! I have searched a lot, but found anything!

Any help would be appreciated!


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Chongqing University


southwest University


Southwest University of Political Science and Law




there are many chonqqing's Universities

you can try to contact with them.

BTW,i stay in CTBU.

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Thank you!

I think SISU looks good. By the way, I have compiled this list of websites if anyone wants to know more about studying chinese in Chongqing:



Chongqing Technology and Business University


Chongqing University Language Courses


Sichuan - chongqing Universities and Colleges Directory.


SISU English Version


Study in Chongqing, China



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I'm a student at SISU right now. I can happily recommend the program, and think our teachers are quite good.

Our semester ends sometime in July. I'm not sure if they have any classes or programs between semesters. You should be able to find out more by emailing the school at --> interstar@mail.china.com

A few extra points to consider. Chongqing is a pretty big city. Do you know where you'll be working at? SISU is in the Shapingba district of Chongqing. It's more or an area for universities. I doubt that your work would be near here. If you work somewhere in Jiangbei or Jiefangbei, it might take 45 minutes on a bus to come here.

Also, you might consider to hire a private teacher for 2 or 3 hours a day. I think you could find teachers here for around 10 to 30RMB per hour depending on experience. It may be the easiest thing given your circumstances.

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Thanks for the tips! I haven't considered the distance between both places. Here is a map of chongqing and where I will work. I think that the name of the district is Jiulongpo, next to Shapingba.


But, I think shapingba district is a bit far from where I will be working, am I right? I have been consulting wikipedia here and i have found that the nearest one is Chongqing Institute of Technology offering summer language courses too. More info here.

I think I will ask for more info to Chongqing Institute Of Technology, as it is 500 meter far from where I will be working at!

Thanks again for the advices!

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Sounds good! I think Chongqing Institute of Technology is the best option.

There's also one other interesting option near to Yangjiaping - which is Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. They have their program information here:


They also seem to have a summer program - and would be just one bus ride away I think.

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