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Ok so I need help with another technical term if anyone can :) Am trying to find the translation for Provincial International Non-Governmental Societies (PINGOs). PINGO is translated from the original Chinese term but I can't seem to find it >.<

They were established in 1996 jointly by 民政部 and 商务部 if it's any help :)

If not does anyone know of any specialist translation forums where I might be able to find out?

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Ah thanks for that, though I know the International NGO bit :) The problem is that the provincial societies have a specific name which I can't find for the life of me >.<

Actually 非政府组织 is mostly used for 外国 NGOs, most Chinese ones prefer 非营利组织 or 社团 :)

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It's something to do with Chinese Language itself.

INGO is Ok, but PINGO is not acceptable by the direct translation into Chinese both logically and conventionally.

For scale or area concerned of an organization or an activity, we have :

International ----- 国际(的)

National ----------- 国家(的),全国(的)

Provincial --------- 省(的)

Municipal --------- 市(的)

So logically, putting "Provincial" together with "International" is an awkword way. And more, Provincial ----- 省(的)and Municipal ------ 市(的)is almost always used in names for govenmeantal or official organizations, not for non-governmental.

When we talk about a non-governmental org. in certain province, we just specify the name of the province as "location" not as a part of the name of the org.

So you may find

河北省的国际非政府组织 ---- INGO in Hebei Province or INGO of Hebei Province

but not

河北省国际非政府组织 ----- PINGO of Hebei

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Ah I guess I didn't really explain clearly; by PINGO I don't mean an INGO working at provincial level. PINGOs are provinical Chinese organisations designated by the 民政部 and 商务部 to govern any INGOs working in the area. I'm not actually trying to translate PINGO into Chinese but find out the original term. PINGO is the common English translation of whatever the original was.

Page 13 of this doc explains the term but doesn't give the original Chinese >.<

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Found a reference to 云南国际非政府组织协会(YINGOS)here, but nothing else. There's some more information about them here. It's a bit of an obscure concept, but I can see what it is now. Would probably go for 省级国际非政府组织协会 if I needed a general English term.

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I spent 30 minutes researching this back when you first posted the thread. The only instance of "PINGO" that I could find was in the document you just posted. Any attempt at combining it with relevant Chinese search terms turned up blank results, meaning you might be dealing with a neologism or a poor translation. Just a quick heads-up.

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Well thanks for the help everyone, 省级国际非政府组织协会 sounds viable and if you've found a reference to it somewhere else Roddy then it'll still be vaild for my dissertation. Somedays I really feel like I picked the wrong topic lol :)

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