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Phần mềm phát âm của tiếng Việt

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Chào Anh NNT, em đã đọc một bài báo http://www.tuoitre.com.vn/Tianyon/I...949&ChannelID=7 về giõì thiều một phần mềm phát âm của tiếng Việt, có thể hỗ trợ đọc web tiếng Việt (cho người khiếm thị). Nếu có phần mềm này rất là tốt, em có thể tập nghe tiếng Việt. Em đã đi tìm vao Google nhưng không thể tìm dược, anh NNT có biết phần mềm phát âm của tiếng Việt nao khác không? Nếu anh biết làm ơn cho biết, càm ơn!

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Càm ơn nhiều! Ðấy là một trang web có ích!


Nhưng bây giờ internet của tôi rất là chạm (sư dụng điện thoại), khi đi TPHCM thì đi download.

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No I wouldn't blame my own typing mistakes for the keyboard, hehe.

The diacritics seem to be quite difficult for all foreigners, I've found a few in my textbook too.

Anyway, cảm ơn (is it the same as "cám ơn"?)!

sử dung was what I wanted to say.

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Anyway, cảm ơn (is it the same as "cám ơn"?)!

sử dung was what I wanted to say

Another trick:

cm 感 is Hán Việt

cm (chữ Nôm 感 : the same as above) is Vietnamese

The correct form is "cám ơn".

But cm tạ 感谢 is Hán Việt, and cm tạ is incorrect ...

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Cam on... (better write like this, haha).

Anyway, anh Nnt do you know any spell-check programs of Vietnamese?

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Congratulations! After 6 months, your written Vietnamese is quite good! Just a few remarks.

In 1920, it was outlawed by the French colonial government to use Chữ Nôm (to cut off any Chinese tie with Vietnam) and from that time on, Quốc Ngữ (latin alphabets) were used to write Vietnamese.

The Chữ Nôm had not been "outlawed" by the French: it just could not compete with the romanized form...(old debate in Vietnam :wink: ). And it was more the consequence of the abolition of usage of Chinese characters as official language (end of the triennal examinations in 1918).

Sure the idea of the French colonial administration was to cut off the cultural links between Vietnam and China (and Japan) because of the dangerous new reformists and revolutionary ideas coming from there.

But the Vietnamese movement in favour of the quốc ngữ began earlier than the 1920: the Đông Kinh Nghĩa Thục (Free School of the Eastern Capital [Hanoi]) movement was in 1907.

An interesting link about that period:


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Anh NNT, I used this reference quite regularly


And it seems to have the same content as "countrystudy" provided by you, but in the LOC website they have more information, and the content is better organized (with indent). But, what do you think about their Vietnam War (Second Indochina War) chapter?

Anyway, thanks for the information about Chu Nom, I'll correct that on my weblog. And, I've been learning Vietnamese for 4.5 months, not 6.


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