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First Episode 8: 魔幻手机 Magic Mobile Phone


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useful tip:

Load the song from Imron's link on Internet Explorer (maybe you can do that with other browsers, but I haven't tried, wait for the tune to load completely and then go to the cache folder (temporary internet files) on your hard disk... You will find the file there. :mrgreen:

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The ringtone I really want is that ringtone that one of the main female characters has (Xiaoqian's girlfriend at the beginning, forgot her name. Not Chuchu's Mike Oldfield one). That weirdo melody.

I did try recording it using my mobile phone, but the result wasn't very good.

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This series was awesome! I have one question though...

What happened to Dong Dong, the little kid? And the kid who became mentally ill after eating some bad food o_o (He was chanting something about wnating to go see monkeys)

I remember Dong Dong was diagnosed w/leukemia, and got some transplant but did he ever get better...and what about hte monkey kid??

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At episode 12. Not sure what to make of it, except I'm not bored yet! At this point I can't say it's helping my listening skills, but I still have some 30 episodes to go. While I know it's dangerous to judge a culture by its mass-media, I do feel I am learning a bit about modern Beijing culture.

Wish 傻妞 had more screen time. I like that skin-tight midriff-baring outfit. But let's just say she obviously wasn't hired for her acting skills....

The part I remember best was when 黄眉大王 just arrived in 2006, and was trying to find 陆小千 . But couldn't, because (a) the signs were read left-to-right, not right-to-left, and (b ) the 陆 was simplified. [Oh, I just noticed renzhe said the same thing in post #12.]

I also liked that Chinese-speaking 老外 doing the negotiations. And 猪哥 going crazy over the "sexy" clothing. And 黄眉大王 hitting the phone because he was told to make a phone call.

Are his [黄眉大王] powers limited in shows 3 and 4 or is his culture shock just so bad that he is willing to be an errand boy?

I thought he lost his powers in a fight with 傻妞 in some episode, and didn't recover them until he was shocked at the asylum? Then it took him a couple of episodes to get his mojo back, but after that he took command.

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