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Chicken feet!


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I ate some chicken feet today, ive never eaten such a pointless item of food in my life. It looks disgusting and has so little meat on it. The meat on it i tasted was good mind you.

They look like the hands of E.T or something. But i ate it anyway as not to offend my chinese friends...if they would get offended i do not know..would they?..i paid for it.

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chicken feet...no meat lol why would n e one eat it man!

In Chinese cuisines, meat quality is more important than quantity.

For example, American chickens have a lot of meat on them, but many Chinese would rather eat skinny Chinese chickens, because the meat on Chinese chickens is a lot smoother and tastes a lot better.

Chicken feet are great stuff if prepared properly.

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Oh, haha, agree, lol. But yes at least in America you have McDonald's which was used to be my favorite when I was small.

麥當勞叔叔, 可以送個氣球給我嗎? 滑嘟嘟, 小飛飛, 小朋友最愛跟你們玩遊戲!





Say this in 5 seconds, Uncle McDonald will give you a coke (small) as gift!

Sing it together: 齊開心歡笑, 嚟麥當佬, 就似, 識得魔法!

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Nothing wrong with potato! :lol:

I think English cuisine has changed a lot though french and other european influence, I guess it depends on where you eat..

Having said that, i heard, (on tv :D ) that the english have a high proportion of obese people, is that cause of the heavy foods they eat?

Is potato to europeans what rice is to asians?

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Potatoes are fine! :D You're not even supposed to eat them by themselves, and rice is equally boring if there's nothing to go with it. :wink: So yeah, potato is the rice of Europeans... A good friend of mine is going to Shanghai next year, for a year, and she's already freaking about the fact that she'll have to manage without potatoes for a whole year! :lol:

Traditional British cuisine is very heavy. They eat loads of chips (or French fries, so the Americans will understand). And English cooked breakfast is quite something! Keeps you going for a whole week! :D

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The potato is definitely the rice of the Europeans. When it was introduced here (first brought here by the Spaniards from the new world, but only mass produced in Europe in the 18th century) it allowed cities to grow and develop to industrial centres. Before the acceptance of the potato, the traditional wheat agriculture was beginning to show troubles sustaining the ever growing population (under control now :wink: ) .

A poor factory worker’s family ate potatoes-only meals on a regular basis. They didn’t grow fat on them though, it supplied necessary calories to survive the harsh living conditions of the days of the industrial revolution (second half of 19th century).

But hey, I don’t even like the taste that much.

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Chicken's feet are great. It does require an element of oral dexterity to be able to strip the meet from the bone just using your teeth and tongue, and then spit the clean bone on to your plate.

When my dad first moved from Hong Kong to the UK to study he was delighted to find that the English would sell cow tripe that had been cleaned and prepared. In Hong Kong, when you bought tripe, it was still brown/black, and you had to clean it yourself, but in the UK it was always nice and white. However now tastes have changed and you can't buy tripe in UK supermarkets anymore, in fact other than liver and kidney, you really don't see any offal anymore.

My relatives always used to find it strange that the butchers in the UK would almost give chicken wings away. They used to charge ludicrously low prices for them, as English people didn't want them, and didn't know how to cook them. However with the advent of US style food like buffalo wings, and KFC hot wings, English people have discovered that chicken wings are very nice, and the price has started to go up...

The UK is following America, regarding potatoes too. Everyone is going on Atkins/Low Carbohydrate diets so potatoes are a big no-no.

There was a news story a few years ago, about a UK farmer who was happily selling chicken's feet to China, until he found out that they actually ate them. God knows what he thought they did with them...

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