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Japanese pronouncing English words

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I'll side with ala on this one.

From http://bestkorea.kr21.net/ab_hangul/index.php3 :

Also Prof.Byun of the computer department from Dong-Kuk University in Korea had said that

"The computer, which we think of as all-powerful, is driven by the repetition of two numbers--0 and 1-according to certain rules, but it has propelled the world into the information age almost instantaneously.

It is the same with music.

In Western music, seven notes--do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti-are used to create innumerable scores from the classical works of Mozart to the rap songs of Seo Taiji that Korean adolescents love.

The same is true with Hangul.

It is a characteristic of Hangul that the limited code of 24 letters, sfter several rules are applied, creates an unlimited number of sounds.

In this way, Hangul is more scientific than any other writing system, and it is based on the same principles as the computer, a product of modern science."

Unfortunately, many Koreans(like Prof. Byun) think that Hangul can represent all the sounds in human languages. I know hardly any Korean but I think Hangul lacks the consonants "f","v" and dipthtongs.

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Just a remark: in the scholars' time, and moreover in those years 600-900, Chinese characters and wenyan were no matters for "millions Japanese (or Korean or even Chinese/Vietnamese) farmers (they just spoke their respective popular language) " but what was that time's intelligentsia, who could have direct contact with their Chinese counterparts.

hah you, nnt.

sorry for the poor diction then. :wink:

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And does Hangul have capitalization? No.

The capitalization is very useful in Roman scripts. Proper nouns can be capitalized and distinguished. Just capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a sentence, provides very good visual cues, because the period is small (Hangul uses the western period "." BTW). And German takes capitalization to another level.

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