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Dictionary for iphone/laptop/mobile device/phone - no internet required


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Hey all -

I hacked this simple dictionary together from the free CEDICT project. Basically, all you do is open the page once using a web browser, and after that you do not need an internet connection. So after loading the dictionary once, you can take it with you anywhere. The search features are not very sophisticated at the moment, but you can search using characters, English, and pinyin (though if you write using pinyin, you must use tone numbers and separate each character by spaces - ex "bu4 yao4"). After finding some search results, you can click on any result to view more details.

In any case, just load up the URL on your iPhone, laptop, or whatever other device and as long as the browser stays open, you can use it wherever you go.


Disclaimers: as I said, I hacked this together - I wanted a dictionary to use on my iPhone within China, and internet connections aren't available on the streets :) I'd love to take the time to improve it, if others find it to be useful. One thing I do plan on doing is adding basic flashcard functionality - I'd love to use flashcards while sitting in a taxi in Beijing traffic. I'm sure I could also improve the general code (which is ugly) and caching so that the dictionary is quicker and easier, and improve the search algorithm to include wildcards and such.

In any case, cheers. I hope someone finds it useful. If you do find it useful, please leave a response or shoot me a message, so I know it's worth improving upon and that others got something out of it :)

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