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First Episode 20: 美味关系


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.



mysoju (English subs)

This is the first Taiwanese episode we've had since the pasta one, and this alone makes it an interesting change. For me, someone not really well versed in Taiwanese pronunciation or traditional characters, this meant that I had to struggle a bit more than usual, though it is a rather simple show. Because of this, I may have got a couple of details wrong here.

------- PLOT SUMMARY: --------------

This seems to be about cooking. An old chief cook in a classy restaurant prepares a special dinner for his beautiful daughter to celebrate her university graduation. A younger cook/manager type person straight out of a J-Pop music video is upset about this and leaves. The way I understood it, the old guy dared to make his trademark soup, which is a grave insult. The young cook's stalker, a poorer J-Pop music video star (you can tell this cause he is riding a bicycle) wants to meet him, but the staff doesn't let him in.

Then a bunch of girls from the front rows of a J-Pop concert enter and faint after flirting with a waiguoren waiter. Come time to try the soup, the daughter says she can taste some pine herb, and her father dies. Outside, the stalker meets the young cook and begs him to teach him cooking, and almost gets his head cut off.

Meanwhile, a young assistant cook from the same restaurant goes back to his dorm room, and he and his roommates cook some eggs and watch some cooking show and read some cooking magazine and find the J-Pop cooking star in the magazine. At the same time, the guy is at some market cutting fish in front of many spectators, and the stalker gets some tips on how to cut up fish. Then they all eat.

The pretty graduate daughter moves into a new house. The dorm roommates take part in some french cooking competition.


I think it's important to watch some Taiwanese shows to improve my listening comprehension of their accent, and my traditional character reading. But I won't be watching any more of this, this is terrible.


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The vocabulary for this show. Traditional characters with simplified in the brackets.

廚師 (厨师) chú shī * cook

料理 liào lǐ * to arrange / to handle / the ordinary Japanese word for cooking

高手 gāo shǒu * expert / a past master / a dab hand

食神 shí shēn * food God

主廚 (主厨) zhǔ chū * chief chef / head of the kitchen

剪報 (剪报) jiǎn bào * newspaper cutting / clippings

超 chāo * to exceed / overtake / surpass

解 jiě * to divide / to break up / to split

諂媚 (谄媚) chǎn mèi * to flatter

學長 (学长) school principal

成為 (成为) chéng wéi * to become / to turn into

煮 zhǔ * to cook / to boil

關於 (关于) guān yú * pertaining to / concerning / regarding

徒弟 tú dì * apprentice / disciple

手藝 (手艺) shǒu yì * craft / workmanship / one's cooking

傅 Fù * tutor

仰慕 yǎng mù * to admire

指導 (指导) zhǐ dǎo * to guide / to give directions / to direct

泊 bó * to anchor / (park bicycle)

腳踏車 (脚踏车) jiǎo tà chē * bicycle / bike (Taiwan)

包場 (包场) bāo chǎng * book a whole theater

派對 (派对) pài duì * party

休假 xiū jià * take a vacation / go on holiday

開店 (开店) kāi diàn * to open shop

代勞 (代劳) dài láo * to do something for sb.

優雅 (优雅) yōu yǎ * grace / graceful

回憶 (回忆) huí yì * to recall / recollection

錄音帶 (录音带) lù yīn dài * audio tape

畢業 (毕业) bì yè * graduation / to graduate / to finish school

豐盛 (丰盛) fēng shèng * rich / sumptuous

迎接 yíng jiē * to meet / to welcome / to greet

餐廳 (餐厅) cān tīng * dining-hall

營業 (营业) yíng yè * to do business / to trade

害慘 (害惨) hài cǎn

黏鍋 (黏锅) nián guō * to stick to the pot

彌補 (弥补) mí bǔ * to complement / to make up for a deficiency

遺憾 (遗憾) yí hàn * regret / pity / sorry

特例 tè lì special case / isolated example

薪水 xīn shuǐ * salary / wage

珍貴 (珍贵) zhēn guì * precious

感激 gǎn jī * to express thanks / grateful / moved to gratitude

飽 (饱) bǎo * to eat till full / satisfied

輕快 (轻快) qīng kuài * light and quick / brisk / spry

人生 rén shēng * life

哲學 (哲学) zhé xué * philosophy

名言 míng yán * saying

草根 cǎo gēn * grass roots (??)

田园 tián yuán * countryside / fields and gardens

松露 sōng lù * (something to do with pine) (??)

救護車 (救护车) jiù hù chē * ambulance

急救 jí jiù * first aid / emergency treatment

搶匪 (抢匪) qiǎng fěi * I can't find this, but I'm pretty sure it's a robber/bandit

搭 dā * to put up / to build (scaffolding) / to hang (clothes on a pole)

景仰 jǐng yǎng * to respect and admire

月桂 yuè guì * bay tree / bay leaf

葉 (叶) yè * leaf / page / surname Ye

布爾塔尼亞 (布尔塔尼亚) This should be Bretagne

私房 sī fáng * private house

獎金 (奖金) jiǎng jīn * premium / award money / a bonus

賭 (赌) dǔ * to bet / to gamble

粉絲 (粉丝) fěn sī * fan / enthusiast for sb or sth

雜誌 (杂志) zá zhì * magazine


凹陷 āo xiàn * to cave in / hollow / sunken

代表 dài biǎo * representative / delegate / to represent

賺錢 (赚钱) zhuàn qián * to earn money / money making

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松露 - truffle

Depending on the context, 粉絲 is also a type of thin dry noodle.

Famous writer 三毛 wrote this about her spanish husband Jose's first encounter with 粉絲 -

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