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Looking for electronic copies of some classical texts

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As part of my Classical Chinese course, we'll be looking at the following texts:










I would ideally like traditional, un-punctuated versions, though I'll happily take what I can get.

Now, I do have copies of those myself, but the photocopying quality is pretty poor, and they can be quite hard to read, so I'd like electronic versions that I can put on my Treo or my EEE or something, and which will be rather easier to read.

So yeah, if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd very much appreciate it. I'd search myself, but my 白話 is still kinda poor...

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You might wish to pay attention to avoid the typos as highlighted.

桃花記 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o7/04.htm

集序 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o7/02.htm

師說 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o8/01.htm

原道 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o7/15.htm

醉翁記 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/oa/07.htm

秋聲賦 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/oa/08.htm

太史公自 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o5/14.htm

屈原列傳 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o5/09.htm

克段于 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/o1/01.htm

The whole of 古文觀止 -> http://ct4.ck.tp.edu.tw/yll/02/oldtext/oldlist.htm

PS - Be careful of typos in the electronic texts. There is no guarantee that they are error free.

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Doh. Silly typos. They looked basically the same... :P:D. Hmm... Not sure how I managed some of those.

Anyway, thank you very much for that, I'll have a further look when I get home :).

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