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Going to Nanjing Daxue - information please


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Hello there, I've just found out I'll be spending my year abroad at Nanjing Daxue. I know it's quite popular with foreign students so hopefully there are people out there who can help. Which campus do foreign students (Chinese language students) live and study in? How is accommodation sorted out? Can you do this before getting to Nanjing? And is Japanese an extra option at Nanjing Daxue? At BLCU they had extra classes in the afternoons, I was wondering if NanDa has similar programmes. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Hi aidant,

Most Language students are on the downtown gulou campus. This is within walking distance of several bars, restaurants, shops. If you're doing a 4 year degree you'll be out in a rural suburb of Pukou with a couple of small shops and a spacious campus and time to hang out with your Korean classmates.

Nanda has recently built dorms in the foreign student building. They are ok and if you're on the scholarship usually where you will stay, there is a cafeteria and little restaurants just outside the gate. However, if you have a choice I would rent an apartment with a classmate. Two bedroom apartments in older buildings in a good location run 1500-2200 a month, which split with an apartment mate will be cheaper than the dorms. You can rent by the day when you first arrive though they may pressure you to pay for the 6 month room rental at the beginning. You have a choice.

They will have space for you the first day but don't count on a single or much space.

Nanda has some afternoon classes, Tai Chi , Calligraphy and others. If you level is good enough you can sign up for as many Gao ji ban classes as you want, some of these like International Relations History and Minority religions can be interesting.

There are also some other schools in the city that provide extra classes from Kung fu to Korean etc..

I also attended some of the BA classes and thought those were ok though some of the Koreans weren't very motivated in class.

Welcome Nanjing.

Have fun,


P.S. We play Ultimate frisbee several times a week and Baseball on Sundays if you're interested.

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