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I don't like Chinese food, what should I do.


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How would you go about saying "cast iron" in Chinese? I want to buy a good one, because the one that came with the induction heater sucks.

The one that came with my induction cooker I left in shop.

Cast iron could be 铸铁. It's actually easy to see, The pressed iron sheet is quite thin and flimsy. The cast iron is a bit thicker. When you go shopping, bring a magnet! To make sure the material is magnetic. For induction the bottom must be magnetic. Some stainless steel woks are not magnetic. So be careful, they will not work with induction.

Avoid anything coated, no Teflon a ceramic coating! It will not last long, or stick.

Reminder: iron wok are made from normal iron, means they rust! You have to keep them oiled when you don't use them.

You can wash with water, but NO detergent. Detergent will remove the oil patina and they may stick next time you use them.

New iron woks are either oiled or waxed to avoid rust while in the shop. For a new wok follow this steps:

Was in- and outside with hot water, scrub if necessary

Cook water with detergent

Wash again

Let them dry

Use a good amount of oil, about 3mm

increase the heat SLOWLY till the oil start smoking

Heat off, let the wok cool down

Repeat the heat up 3 times (can use the same oil)


Now your iron wok is burned in and does not stick anymore. If, for whatever reason it will stick later just clean it and do the burn in again. Mine I don't really clean, I just wipe it dry with paper.

Again, NO detergent, but you can use metal wool or whatever mechanical for scrubbing.

One more caution: Induction is very powerful and the pan or wok will heat up faster then with gas - avoid that! Increase the heat slowly. Formed iron tend to deform and you pan or wok will either bulge in or out. I am not sure if cast iron has the same problem. With woks the problem should not be too bad since their flat area is quite small, but with a 30cm pan it's not nice.

Happy cooking.

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Is that southern Chinese people from Hong Kong or from the midlands and North?

Whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant it seems to be Southern food with Chinese people speaking Cantonese. Hard to find the Northern dishes.

Hard to practise my Mandarin when they don't speak it. Have to leave it to my wife to talk in Cantonese to them.

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Is that southern Chinese people from Hong Kong or from the midlands and North?

I guess those who put their ethnicity down as Chinese on the last census.

Whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant it seems to be Southern food with Chinese people speaking Cantonese. Hard to find the Northern dishes.

I've had the same experience. Usually, Chinese from Hong Kong or Malay-Chinese. I guess it's hardly surprising given the historical aspect.

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"Chinese" food in Europe or the US cannot compare with the real deal. However, i've enjoyed very pleasant Chinese meals in France and Italy (countries that have more of an appreciation for food than many other countries in Europe). I've also had a few excellent Chinese meals in the US. Prices for such meals were relatively expensive and comparable to those in restaurants featuring European cuisine. Many people in the US and Europa expect Chinese restaurants to be cheaper and they will get what they pay for.

To the original poster: please don't label KFC and McDonalds as "American food." It's American FAST food. There's more to American food than that junk. There are many excellent restaurants and dishes in the US. You have to be willing to either pay a fair price for it in a restaurant or become a good cook yourself.

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