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Dalian Universities

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I've decided from afar that Dalian is absolutely the best place in all of China to study Chinese. From far afar. That is to say, then, that I don't know sh*t. Has anyone studied in Dalian?

How about at Dalian University of Foreign Languages? I've been to their website, but the emails aren't answered. Any opinions?

Anyone know something about Dongbei U. of Finance and Economics? Apparently it's the second rated MBA Uni. in China (to Fudan). And I have an econ. degree, so it could be a good fit. Might as well try and get some guanxi going, huh?

Any other advice about the city would be greatly appreciated!

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I have read that the city is clean, and there are policewomen on horseback. 8) (sorry that I really don't know anything about Dalian.)

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This might be a day late and a dollar short, but I used to live in Dalian and had a friend that went to Dawai They have a new website for studying chinese, but I am not sure if they are answering emails any better than before. In China, a lot of Chinese do not consider email important, so you can get a lot more accomplished with a phone call. A bit impractical at times and not cheap, but it gets things done and gets all of your questions answered.

As for the program, I would recommend Dawai over every other program in Dalian because of the reputation of the school and the location. It is a great program as far as programs go in China and the location in the city cannot be beat.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at stavrogin2001hotmail.com. Just change the to an @. I have been spammed too many times giving exact address'

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