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about character training

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any tips for more easy to remember the characters?

study intensive course now and have test every lesson ;p

right now l just writing and writing. we only write write and write dont speak so much ;tong

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Just do as the chinese do - write and write again and again until it sinks into your head. It does take a while to know the ABCs of chinese before it starts becoming easier.

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The characters were not created randomly. There is a reason for their form even though it can often be difficult to find it. Sometimes it's phonetic (it is based on a character that does not have a common meaning but simply because it sounds similar), sometimes the character has evolved so much that it has little relation to its original form. Simplified characters have had a lot of the original "meaning" removed from the character, although again the simplification was not do on a totally random process.

Look up the character on www.zhongwen.com This site gives an explanation for the form of individual characters. Its index is based on tradition characters (you can search using pinyin though), which makes sense for this type of site. Nevertheless it displays individual characters in both traditional and simplified form (so the site is still useful if you are studying simplified characters). Rapidly you start to recognise how characters are simplified so choosing the correct traditional character in the index becomes fairly easy. If you really have hassle finding the correct character you can always search on a pinyin word basis instead of character basis.

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ty all, right now l do as the chinese do write write write and is working quite good :)

I also put in my characters with the flashcard program anki.

l have around 30 characters everyday now, thank good for the weekends :)

so l do like this and it works very good l read in here 1 guy did like this so l thank him for the idea, scores around 90% or above for the diagnostic test we have every lesson.













and usually l get all rights on the lastone, this takes around 2h to do for me, then l need break, l wright both pin yin with tones and characters..

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