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Dvd store in Shanghai where I can order dvds, and ask my father to bring them back


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my father is going to Shanghai, and the hotel he is staying is on Nanjing Road. He has little time, and I was wondering if anybody knows of any good Dvd stores close to or on Nanjing Road. I was thinking of calling/e-mailing them, giving them a list of Dvds I want to buy, asking them for a total price(I was thinking of 12 RMB per film/soap opera), and then asking them to deliver the around 40 films/soap operas (should be around 80 Dvds to the hotel, where they can pick up the money as well).

I could alternatively print out the address of the shop, and ask my father to take a cab to pick up the Dvds. Or ask the hotel staff to pick up the Dvds. My main point still is does anybody know any store that has a functioning system for ordering Dvds by mail or telefone?

What do you guys think? Any suggestions welcome.

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They will be slightly more expensive, but to be honest I don't think your average DVD store does deliveries. You could hunt around for a Taobao seller based in Shanghai maybe, or sending your dad a list of DVDs in Chinese with acceptable prices that he can take to a store might work.

In Beijing you'll often get your order the next day, maybe even the same day if you put it in early. I'd assume they also have distribution centers in Shanghai. They'll usually phone to confirm delivery time, but I have known them to turn up unannounced.

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I agree, better quality for an extra 4 kuai seems reasonable. My father is probably going to stay three days in Shanghai. I could just ask him to deposit the money with the hotel reception, and order the first day he arrives in Shanghai, that should work right? Or can I pay with my visa card as well, and just ask amazon to deliver to the hotel?

Thanks guys, youre great, soon bed time in China huhh?

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