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Online dictionaries and grammars for Classical Chinese?


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Are there any online dictionaries for Classical Chinese? And maybe grammar for Classical Chinese too? For the time being, I am not interested in detailed researches on selected issues, but rather on some kind of overview of grammar. Thanks!

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Try 亿容在线词典 http://www.erong.com & http://www.zdic.net/ 都挺不错的,中国人推荐的

You may also try downloading 古代汉语词典(192 mb) @http://www.eshuba.com/soft/7456.htm (http://www.eshuba.com/down.asp?id=7456&no=1)

Haven't checked it out it personally yet, I'm mostly on dial-up

As for grammar outline, there is none online and in English

There are a number of sites in Chinese though where you can 阅读古汉语译现代汉语

比如: http://www.zikao365.com/web/gdhy/ and get the picture of the language pattern, because, as you may know, Chinese language originally had no grammar; 古汉语 was lexicalized rather than grammaticalized - Chinese grammar as we know it today was "introduced" in the 20th century ...EDIT: you can read about it @ http://everything2.com/e2node/Chinese%2520grammar%2520in%2520China

Basically 古汉语 takes some time to master and a fair level of 现代汉语 is a must,嗯 the best way to do it is to literally pay attention to every word your Chinese teacher is saying and make detailed notes of everything (古汉语was actually my favourite and I am speaking from experience)

祝你学习成功 :wink:

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Dear all,

Kemake714 wrote:

Hi there...not sure if you still need the info, but here's a site I use to help me with my Classical Chinese studies in school because the vocabulary listings here are more user friendly then the text I use for class. I'm linking you to the dictionary section:


Hope it helps!

See my post at the thread titled "Online Classical Chinese dictionary?" on why the dsturgeon web site's dictionary would not make a good classical/literary Chinese dictionary.

Online Classical Chinese dictionary?

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

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