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Chinese Song of the Day

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I was so into her voice back then. I loved these two lines best: 行到水窮處 坐看雲起時. It was my dream, but obviously I won't be able to fullfil it during the rest of my life.

Her voice is very pure. She and Su Rui were my mom's favorites back then.

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semantic nuance

At this moment, I'm listening to 林宥嘉 's 晚安。His voice is soothing like a lullaby. I like the way the songwriter renders the lyrics. He splits a few words (天空, 月亮, 心疼, 夢想) to make new expressions and still contains their original meanings. The line 放心的床 can imply two things: one is a bed that can make the sleeper safe and sound, the other is a bed that can truly rest the heart of the sleeper, for the heart is wretched and distressed.

Listen: 林宥嘉---晚安

歌詞: (with my rough translation)

作曲:陳小霞 填詞:武雄 編曲:王治平

天 空白著夜晚

The sky is blanked by the night



The city is messed with a sea of lights

風 吹過看不見的天堂

The wind blows across the invisible heaven



Who is still busily chasing?

晚安! 讓記憶鬆綁

Goodnight! Let loose your memories


Leaving all the pains and sorrows behind

讓 所有聽不見的吶喊 

Let all the unheard cries


Bury with the dark night

月 亮在你心坎

Moon lights up your heart



Has it ever lighted off your dream

心 疼你每一步的成長 

My heart aches for each step you’ve been through


Dry your tears and be braver

晚安! 卸下了翅膀 

Goodnight! Unload your wings


Gently open the window of Dream

路 儘管依然會有阻擋

The road is still bumpy no matter what



Let me fly with you

夢 想去的地方

The destination where Dream aspires to go



Is always set there

愛 如果早已經被遺忘 我的歌聲不會有傷感

Were love already forgotten, my voice wouldn’t show a streak of sorrow.

晚安! 靜靜地安躺 躺在可以放心的床

Goodnight! Silently rest on a bed with peace

夜 因為 有了夢才寬敞

Night becomes boundless because of dreams

因為 有你 所以溫暖

It is warm because of you.

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is 潘越雲 singing 情字這條路 a capella starting at 3:48.

To sing like that in Hokkien a capella on stage is superb. You can tell she is a veteran pro.

The interview is quite interesting as she talks about her trials in life that make her who she is today.

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唱一遍一遍 by 費玉清


青山雨綿綿 雨過彩虹白雲間

漫天的落花 迷離誰的眼眸間

仰頭望青天 把酒當歌對笑顏


荷塘風拂面 花兒婆娑葉兒圓

知己伴身邊 此情永刻在心田

誰附在耳邊 傾吐不盡的誓言


唱一遍一遍 任誰都聽得見


停住這時間 只留互訴的思念


唱一遍一遍 夢中有的畫面


有時雨點點 絲絲纏綿的眷戀


有時雨點點 絲絲纏綿的眷戀


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諾言 by 李翊君

我不明白這世界為什麼 會讓我感到那麼多傷悲

我不知道相愛的兩個人 留不住一個褪色的諾言

我不瞭解滄海桑田 能將一切相信的事改變

我不相信付出過的真心 要收回就能收回

我不明白人世間的聚散 只因為我們所謂的緣份

我不知道這是你的藉口 還是我把愛想得太天真

我不瞭解天長地久 要用這麼多的寂寞來等


無奈人在風裡 人在雨裡 人在愛的歲月裡漂流

你我不能從頭 不能停留 不能抗拒命運左右

想掙脫為愛戴的枷鎖 熄滅為愛點亮的燈火

一個破碎的圓 破碎的美夢 留它有什麼用

無奈人在風裡 人在雨裡 人在愛的歲月裡漂流

你我不能從頭 不能停留 不能抗拒命運左右

就這樣鬆開緊握的手 熄滅為愛點亮的燈火

讓愛走 讓愛擁有自己的自由

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Heard this song on TV tonight (the topic was the Strauss-Kahn case) -> 小李飛刀 (例不虛發,喝!)




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Two duets by 梅艳芳 and 林忆莲:



Another duet by 梅艳芳 and 王菲:


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This song was just played on the radio -> 五月的陽光. In case the song is not accessible on the mainland, I have uploaded a wma file.










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Have been listening Mandarin songs by Sandy Lam, such as:

(youtube) or 明明(tudou)

It's the theme song of movie 游园惊梦. 电影本身如何,我才疏学浅不敢妄评,但是里面的演员个个养眼相信多数会同意。


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Some DJs sang this song on the radio when they were discussing about Obama's administration. This is a very old song, but it is still highly appreciated for its lyrics.



詞:盧國沾 曲:黎小田 唱:關正傑

獨自在山坡 高處未算高

命運在冷笑 暗示前無路

浮雲遊身邊 發出警告 我高視闊步

雖知此山頭 猛虎滿佈

膽小非英雄 決不願停步

冷眼對血路 寂寞是命途

明月映山崗 倍覺孤高

拋開愛慕 飽遭煎熬 早知代價高

絲方吐盡 繭中天蠶 必須破籠牢

一生稱英雄 永不信命數

經得起波濤 更感自傲

抹去了眼淚 背上了憤怒

讓我攀險峰 再與天比高

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